Best odds guaranteed

The Best odds guaranteed offer you the chance to get the best odds on all horse and greyhound racing at top online sports betting sites. Learn all there is to know about Best odds guaranteed!

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Learn about Best odds guaranteed

Best odds guaranteed is exactly what it says it is. Its where you can find the best odds at sports betting sites. odds, like deposit bonuses, can change quite often and as punters, we don’t want to have to continuously check what the odds are at any given time. This is why Best odds guaranteed is so great, because no matter when or where you will receive the best odds you could possibly get.

Best odds guaranteed

Best odds guaranteed are based on racing which includes horse and greyhound racing. It allows players to get an early price or fixed odds for specific races. Many think that this means you will get better odds than other bookies. This is in fact wrong. Best odds guaranteed means you will get the best odds no matter if the odds change until the race has begun.

What is the Best odds guaranteed?

Like mentioned above, Best odds guaranteed are normally based on horse and greyhound racing. When placing a bet before the start of a race you select the odds at that given moment. However, odds do change until the beginning of the race which means you could actually lose out when it comes to the odds.

Best odds guaranteed makes sure that that does not happen. It ensures that no matter what the odds change to you will get the best odds possible. So, if at any stage the odds go lower than your placed bet, you will not have to stress about lower odds because you will receive the odds you placed your bet with. If the odds are higher and you placed a bet on lower odds, again this will apply! That means you get higher payouts if you win!

Take a look at our example:

A greyhound named Jinxy is available at 7/1 with your bookie of choice the morning of the race. You place a £10 bet on the horse with those odds. But, just before the race begins the odds have increased to 10/1. No worries! Because your new bookie makes use of Best odds guaranteed, you will receive the odds of 10/1 so that if you win your winnings are £110 instead of £80!

How does a Best odds guaranteed offer work?

At Wisegambler we use this as an example to better explain how the offer works:

You place £10 on an upcoming horse race in the UK with your bookie of choice. This bookie offers Best odds guaranteed. When you placed your bet, the odds were 5/1. Just as the race begins the odds go up to 11/1. Your horse wins the race and you not only win 5/1 odds you will now win 11/1 odds. That means instead of winning £60 you will win a massive £120. That’s double what you would have won!

In the long run, these offers can definitely add up and give punters much more winning than they bargained for!

Betting Sites offering Best odds guaranteed

There are plenty of sites that offer the Best odds guaranteed. However, we have compiled a list of bookmakers we think offer not only the Best odds guaranteed but also the best bookie experiences all around!

Best Betting Sites

Here are our top 3 best betting sites that offer Best odds guaranteed:


Bet365 offers the Best odds guaranteed on all horse and greyhound races daily. It includes all bets except for Ante-Post, Cover Bets, Enhanced Win, In-Play bets, Not to Win and Tote/Pari-Mutuel.


Betfair offers this on the UK and Irish horse and greyhound races. And is valid on singles on the day of the event.

Paddy Power

All horse racing events at Paddy Power come with the Best odds guaranteed. It includes singles, multiples, each-way markets and wins. This is valid on the UK and Irish races. Make sure to check for the GP icon on your slip!

Limits of Best odds guaranteed

There are some limits when it comes to making use of this. Bets such as ante-post racing, special bets and enhanced accumulators aren’t very often covered in this method. Limits also include a limit of how much you can bet and win.

For example, a bookie could set the maximum win at £25,000. If you placed a bet of £30,000 for example, you could not win more than £50,000 which means your win would actually be less than what you bet for.

For more information about limits at bookies, be sure to read their terms and conditions in close detail.

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