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Find Top Online betting sites and sportsbooks. Online betting reviews are important for bettors to understand more about the sports. We cover various aspects of the bookie so that you can enjoy your experience!

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Best Betting Online

If you are looking for the best betting sites, then you have come to the right place. Sports betting has become a worldwide phenomenon and has paved the way for a lot of amazing online sites. But which one best suits you?

Are you looking for a bookie or betting sites that offer special focus on not only one sport, or are you looking for a more general sports experience? Whatever it is there is a site that is perfect for you! this page will look at all the important aspects one needs to look at when it comes to the best betting!

Top Sports Betting

UK Sportsbooks

Being situated in the United Kingdom offers a great advantage when it comes to betting and this is due to so many of the biggest and best sports are situated in the United Kingdom.

Important UK sites, to us, must offer a great and easily usable interface, various bonuses, live sports and streaming, a great selection of sports and bets.

Another important aspect to us is the safety and security of a punter. The best UK sportsbooks and UK online casinos will offer top security, great deposit and withdrawal methods and most importantly great support!

We also want to make sure that the bookie is licensed in the UK and holds a UK Gambling Commission license, offers great cashout and more.

The Best Online Sites and Offers at WiseGambler

Finding the best site can prove challenging for anyone. Especially for those new to sports betting, it can be a challenging task. Here at WiseGambler, we want to make sure you get to understand what exactly it is you want and need from a sports book.

There are many aspects you need to look at to make sure you are happy with your choice. We focus our traffic primarily on UK players which means what we do promote is licensed for the UK.

Here ate WiseGambler we focus on all this gaming related so whether you want sports, casino or other gambling-related information, we have something just for you!

Finding the best bonuses

When looking to join top betting sites one important aspect is the bonus. Not all bookies offer bonuses to join them, but most certainly offer bonuses for existing players to give you something back from them. For the most part, most bookies offer a welcome bonus or offer.

It’s important to know the difference between the offers as each one offers you as a punter something different.

We have followed important criteria to show you the best betting bonuses you can find! We all know that a bonus is a great way to enjoy the bookie or casino, whether it be for new players or existing.

However, to be honest, it’s not always about the bonus amount but also about loyalty and market selection. We want to make sure you understand everything regarding sports so that you can enjoy your new or existing experience!

Different Types of Bonuses

Like previously mentioned, there are different types of bonuses when joining new betting sites. It’s important to understand each one of them, so you know what you are getting. Many people look for the largest offers, but what most don’t realise is that they could come with horrible terms and conditions. So be sure to find a bonus that suits you both in amount and in terms. Here are the different bonuses you can expect to find at an online UK betting site.

No Deposit Bonuses

First up is a no deposit bonus. While online casinos mainly focus on giving no deposit free spins. Sportsbooks rather focus some extra cash to make a bet on.

You need to be sure though that you meet the requirements because many of these no deposit bonuses come with a minimum odds requirement, or even focusing on one sport only, such as football.

Deposit Bonuses

These tend to be slightly better offers. Again, with casinos, they tend to match your money with higher amounts. Whereas with sports the deposit bonus offers are slightly smaller, and this is due to the fact that bets on sports tend to be smaller amounts in general. Most times you can expect a sports welcome offer such as 100% up to £30 or, deposit £10 and get £30.

Matched Bonuses

A matched bonus means that whatever you deposit at the top sites, will match that entire amount. This means that the bonus is a 100% bonus up to a certain amount.

This is usually applicable for your first deposit but can be for others. They do also come with terms and conditions, and in sports, you can usually expect to find turn over requirements with minimum odds as well.

Free Bets

This is a great way for sportsbooks to welcome you. A free bet means many times that when your selection wins on a game you could get an extra bonus on top of what you wagered.

Sometimes this is wager free, while other times they could hold certain requirements. You can enjoy different types of free bets including wager-free and no deposit free bets.


A cash back bonus is a type of bonus that most UK betting offers for those who make certain bets and lose. It allows you to recuperate some of your losses.

So, for example, if you lose you bet of €50 you will be refunded 100% up to €50 after the game is over. All you need to do is place a pre-match bet and you can get the cash back into your account within 48 hours. Please bear in mind this is just an example.

Mobile Bonuses

These are bonuses for players who make most of their bets on their mobile devices. A lot of sportsbooks these days offer players added bonuses if playing on a mobile device or their app. It’s a great initiative to get more players to enjoy their betting experience no matter where they are.

Sports Bets – Wagering Requirements and Minimum Odds

Many bonuses at both sports sites and casinos require some form of wagering requirement, this means you have to stake your bonus a certain amount of times before you can make any withdrawals.

Some only require you fulfil requirements on just the bonus, while others require you to do it on both the bonus and your deposit. There are some that are wagering free but then will require certain minimum odds.

  • Minimum odds mean that this is the lowest odds you can bet on toward your wagering or turnover requirement. They can range anywhere between 1.4 and 2.00 at an average sports site.

Bonus Validity and Bonus Codes

Most bonuses have a period that they stay valid until. You normally need to meet the wagering requirements by a certain point, if you fail to meet the requirements you will usually forfeit your bonus winnings.

Don’t worry, you will definitely not lose your winnings if you did not use any bonus. And if you used your own money, then this is not applicable to you.

A bonus code is also known as a promo code and means that you can receive the bonus only if you use that particular code. These codes differ per casino, where some don’t have at all and some use it to differentiate between the different bonuses.

Sports Markets

There are different markets when it comes to sports. There are hundreds, even thousands of games to place bets on. So, what kind of sports can you bet on?

Well, you can bet on almost anything, however the main markets include football, tennis, horse racing, ice hockey, Olympic games, basketball, handball, volleyball and greyhounds. Other sports you can bet on includes cricket, boxing, cycling, golf, motorsports and more!

Casinos and Sports sites under one roof at

Some people enjoy the fact that they can play at the same casinos and sportsbooks. This is why many online casinos have delved into the sportsbook world and why many sites have diversified into an online casino. That’s exactly what you will find at as well!

This way players can enjoy both sports and casino with one login and one account. Its great way for players to get the best of both worlds. You will be amazed at how many multipurpose gaming sites are out there. Some of the betting biggest brands have online casino services.

Finding the best Live Streaming

Live streaming and in play has become one of the largest factors regarding betting. Punters who want to make an in-play bet or who want to make bets while the game is live, always need this feature. For those sports sites that do not offer this as a feature, we have to knock down quite severely.

Why do you ask? Because without live streaming we cannot keep track as to whether or not our bets are made correctly. We are not able to make bets while the game is playing, and we need to know where to place our money as the game advances.

Live betting allows us to be so much more interactive and helps us to stay up to date with what’s going on in our favourite sports. Websites that have this feature (which is most sites) offer a streaming service for all those with a positive balance in your account, or if you have placed a bet on that specific match or game. As long as you have great live markets and live streams you get great points from us!

New Options

We are always on the lookout for great new sports betting sites. Who doesn’t want to try something new? While there are those that might be very loyal to older existing sites, there are also those that are looking for somewhere new and fresh to place their bets. If you want to try out a new sports site, then take a look at our new sites right now!

Best Sports Reviews

When we review sports sites we look for specific aspects to ensure they are of the best quality. These include:

  • Licenses – We make sure that all of our online casinos and bookmakers are licensed and certified. Only players from the UK can play at sites that hold a licence from the gambling commission.
  • Odds and payout – You need to make sure you get the most out of your experience. You need to choose a bookmaker that offers you the most competitive odds.
  • Variety – Make sure that the sportsbooks you choose have a great variety of sports for you to choose from. Find a bookie that offers you the sports you are looking for! Some bookies cater to specific sports only, so be sure to do your research.
  • Live broadcasting, streaming – you definitely want a sports site that can offer live betting. Depending on the bookie you can find great live betting and streaming options. This is a feature that has grown tremendously and is a big factor for most!
  • Bonus Offers – Make sure you get a bonus you will enjoy. There are different bonuses to choose from so be sure to find out more before you make your choice!
  • Payment methods and support – When it comes to anything online safety is an enormous factor for all. All the sites we promote offer only the best security, banking methods and support.

Terms you need to know

There are various terms in the sports betting world and they include:

  • Bookie – This is the term related to the site, a bookmaker. This means that it’s the place you go to place your bets on your chosen sport. They also set the odds and run all the bonuses and promotions.
  • Action – This is another word for a bet placed with your specific bookie. Bookies want to ensure that the bet has an equal amount of action on each side.
  • Handicapper – This refers to experts who analyse sports wagering in a professional manner. They are seen as people who make bets with strong knowledge and can even be said to hold an advantage over standard bettors.
  • Points spread – This means you bet on a certain margin that the points will be met. So, for example, if the spread stands on 4.2 and the team wins by 4.8 you would have covered the spread.
  • Totals, Overs and Unders – Totals refers to betting on total combined points that the two teams score. Over means the score will be greater. Or under means that the score is lower.

Best Options for Different Needs

Bettors out there tend to enjoy betting on one type of sport. While some of us enjoy various sports, there are bookies that focus more heavily on one type of sport. For example, when William Hill first began they primarily focused on horse racing. Many places offer a great focus on a specific sport. Take a look at a few different bookmakers you can use according to their sport.


When it comes to football, we think the best football focused bookie has to be bet365, Pinnacle and Unibet. Other great football bookies include Betfair, William Hill and Betway.

Horse Racing

For us, the best horse racing sites would be Betway, William Hill, bet365 and of course Paddy Power! Horse racing is very big at most online sites. For most bettors, you can enjoy almost any sportsbooks when it comes to horse racing and football as they focus on them as their main sports, with the biggest following.

Other Sports

In general, sports betting sites with the best amount and array of sports markets include bet365, William Hill, Unibet, Paddy Power, Betway and Betfair.

Cash Out

This option allows you to end your bet before the end of any match. It helps you to secure any wins or avoid unnecessary losses. Most online sports sites do have this feature it just tends to differ slightly from bookie to bookie, so if this is a must at your chosen bookmaker, be sure to check this out before you make your bets! Great cashout sites include:

  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Betway
  • Pinnacle
  • Redbet
  • ComeOn

Live Bets And Sports

For those who enjoy making use of the live betting feature, it’s important to have a bookie that has only the best live betting. This is quite common these days, so most bookies do offer it, however, some are better than the rest. This is a very different concept compared to live casinos!

It’s important to also look at factors such as good odds and how well the streaming and features work on both your desktop and mobile.

Get the Latest promotions and news

Besides keeping you in the loop on the best sites and best bonuses, we also want to keep you updated in the world of sports. This means we give you constant news and updates on different sports and news.

When it comes to sports news you can enjoy updates on all football matches including premier league, champions league, FIFA and the EUFE Euro. You can also enjoy news on tennis matches, horse races and even the Olympics! So, stay tuned for more information about all the sports news coming!

Why Would You Choose Online Betting?

The advantages of betting online are the convenience of playing anytime anywhere, it’s so easy and safe, the lines and odds are always better online as well as more bonuses and promotions on offer, cashback on losses, wagering activity rewards, wagering leaderboards, and win tickets to sports events when you bet online.

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