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Bonuses are what keeps players happy, besides the games of course! More importantly, deposit bonuses really set the tone for your journey at casinos so making sure you get a top casino deposit bonus is crucial.

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There are quite a lot of different casino bonuses out there and we thought we would take the time to go into some detail about each one.

Bonuses are of real importance to players because they give you more than you bargained for. It’s an extra freebie the casino wants to give you to say thank you for playing with us. It is also a great way to improve your chances of winning because you have more money to spend.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully though because these carry the requirements needed in order to benefit. Deposit bonuses range from welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spin bonuses, cashback, bonus codes and more.

If you would like to know more about these bonuses take a look at our bonuses page below and find out about the different types of bonuses.

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How Do You Receive a UK despot bonus?

Receiving a deposit bonus obviously requires you making a deposit. Once you have made a deposit, the casino will calculate your deposit and add it to your account. Many online casinos use this to attract new players and to keep them playing. The main advantage of this is that you will have more money to play with!

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Welcome Bonuses by large apply to a broad spectrum of new online players, players new to a casino that is! With most online casinos, you may notice that some sort of bonus may be offered for free or if a player performs a specific task. The truth is bonuses are created by casinos with a goal in mind, this goal obviously will differ from casino to casino, however, the objective is almost always the same.

The objective is to get players to spend more time at the casino by offering great bonuses, in hopes of repeated business and therefore the true advantage. This will fulfil both the casino and the player who spends and receives the offered bonus. Basically, the bonus phase is the players chance to learn and discover more about the particular casino.

Different Types of Welcome Bonuses

There are different types of first deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses and these include matching bonuses, percentage bonuses, and a welcome bonus package. Each one different and each one with their own advantages.

Match Bonus

This bonus simply means that whatever you deposit at the casino they will match the amount. For example, get 100% up to €200. What this means is if you deposit the whole €200 you will receive an additional €200. However, if you deposit €100 you will receive an extra €100.

Sometimes, you could come across a casino that can even off you an unlimited first bonus which means you can deposit as much as you want and get the exact same amount in return.


Instead of a match bonus, the casino could offer a certain percentage bonus. For example, you could get 150% up to €100 on your first deposit, followed by 50% on your second and so forth. For example, if the casino says 150% up to €100, this means you will get an extra €150 to play with over and above your deposit amount.

The Welcome Package

This is a whole package you get when joining the casino. This means you get 3 or 4 deposit bonuses instead of one. For example:

  • First Bonus: 100% up to €150
  • Second Bonus: 50% up to €200
  • Third Bonus: 75% up to €300
  • Fourth Bonus: 200% up to €350

Playing with your casino bonus!

So, now you have selected a casino to venture and you are greeted with the lovely offer of a welcome bonus. A Welcome Bonus is also known as a sign-up bonus or a new player bonus. As briefly touched upon, the most common bonus offered to players by online casinos is the welcome bonus. This deal is usually in the form of a percentage and/or free spins.

For example, All New players to register today with our casino will receive four incredible rewards! When you deposit 300€ you will receive a 125% Bonus, 2nd deposit – 125% up to 300 Euros, 3rd deposit – same as second deposit and 4th – 50% up to €400. Join today and experience these fantastic promotions for yourself!

The casino may also offer Free Spins with your bonus such as receiving 120 Free Spins on Starburst when you deposit a certain amount to get you started on your journey towards big wins.

What is a Deposit Bonus?

What is a Deposit Bonus? Surely along your journey of exploring the vast selections of online casinos available from all corners of the internet, you might have come across this term or also known as ‘match bonus’. Basically, a Bonus promotion attracts players to a casino. Or, to make the casino even more attractive to the already existing player.

The online casino’s aim is to stimulate the player to make a deposit. You are probably thinking of how making a deposit benefits the player or even begins to attract players.

The simple answer is ‘discount’ – a specific amount a player has been discounted by percentage, often differing in percentage according to that particular online casino, therefore most casinos will offer their own Deposit Bonus percentage in addition to individual terms & conditions!

Obviously, to receive a bonus, the player must firstly make a deposit with a return that is based on the total amount transferred to your account.

Thus, a percentage of this deposit made. The casino will automatically calculate the bonus by the percentage of offers, only after the deposit has arrived, and therefore adding the money to the players account.

How to Find A Bonus

On the lookout for online casinos offering a Bonus? No need to search the internet from A to Z. Simply look through our website where you can readily find a list of online casinos offering great Deposit Bonuses.

What is a Reload Bonus?

A reload bonus is simply just one of the many ways online casinos spoil their players. The bonus involves offering players added bonuses to those who have already made a deposit at a specific online casino. Think of the reload bonus as a second welcome bonus. As you may already have an idea, welcome bonuses are a once off deal. However, reload bonuses are just as satisfying.

You can also pair reload bonuses with welcome bonuses as part of a complete promotional package made to attract new subscribers. The players will receive rewards after rewards. First the welcome bonus, then the second bonus, maybe a third and fourth deposit. Reload bonuses are profitable for both the casino and the player. The great news is that most online casinos offer these treats so take it when you see it!

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What are Free Spins?

Free Spins are just one of the best ways to test your luck on a new online casino or a new game free of charge for a limited number of rounds or spins. Free Spins are mostly tied to one specific game an online casino might be offering, but in some cases, Free Spins might be available on any or some games.

What’s more with most online casinos, it isn’t unusual to receive Free Spin offers with no deposits bonuses. Meaning you get to play for absolutely free, no fees! Beware some online casinos have wagering requirements with Free Spins (WiseGambler keeps an eye out for online casinos with wagering requests). Players might have to play a few times before they are able to withdraw.

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What is a High Roller Offer?

For those online players that have a lot of money to spend, high roller bonuses are perfect for you! when you want to bet large at online casinos then you will be happy to know that many online casinos offer high roller bonuses. these bonuses are reserved for what we like to call VIP players.

Many players at online casinos can also reach a point where they tend to win more and deposit more. This then makes them feel like perhaps the current level of bonuses and prizes they are receiving is just not enough, so they begin to look at some VIP offers.

Regular vs High Roller

A regular bonus is exactly that, the casino awards you with the standard bonuses that they offer all other players. So, the main difference is the bonus amount between the two. However, this also includes extra benefits such as online casino tournaments and extra reload bonus.

A high roller bonus is usually a match bonus and comes in a much larger amount than standard bonuses. With high roller bonuses, as well the minimum deposit is much higher, but your return is higher as well.

VIP Treatment with High Roller

When you play high roller games you will get some great rewards including higher bonuses. many times, you as a player can either join an exclusive casino or use that fancy VIP room we all wonder about. VIP rooms and benefits are for those who have a larger bankroll and often offers very faced paced action with great added bonuses, massive high roller bonuses and high stakes.

Benefits of High Roller Bonuses

There are some serious benefits when being a high roller player because many bonuses and offers are tailor-made to your needs. Here are some great benefits:

  • Massive Bonuses and overall larger bonuses on a regular basis
  • Special gifts and special invitations to private tournaments
  • High withdrawal limits and quicker withdrawals
  • Your very own account manager

High Roller Bonus Terms and Conditions

It’s crucial you always read bonus information very carefully. Whether it be a welcome bonus or any other unique bonus, all bonuses do come with terms and conditions, and many times wagering requirements as well.

Always make sure to understand all the wagering requirements and terms regarding any bonus at any online casino. this is very important to understand so you know what you are getting into before you begin at an online casino.

Examples of High Roller Offers

Here are some cool examples of high roller bonuses:

  • Deposit €1000 and get 100% of that returned to you! that means if you deposit €1000 you can play with €2000.
  • Deposit up to €1500 in your first month and get €1500 back from the casino!

What is a cashback bonus?

A cash back bonus many times refers to losing at a game and getting cash back. Basically, the Cash Back Bonus is the return or refund of your money you may have lost during play. This money refunds in the form of real cash in most occasions but mostly refunded in bonus money, back into your account. This type of bonus is a percentage of your net losses, over a specific period of time or on a specific game, which you have already wagered your funds on, therefore no real loss can come from the Cash Back Bonus.

The Purpose of Cash Back Bonuses

As with most online casinos and even land-based casinos, promotions of this nature are designed to attract business. They are a form of prize or reward that will offer appeal to players, you are not getting rich from this promotion, but it will cover little portions of your losses or give you a little something extra.

The Cash Back Bonus, for example, compares to a safety cushion for players or in simpler terms, as a way to offset a small number of their losses while playing at a casino. This kind of reward is made especially for players; seen as an offer to loyal customers as a form of ‘thank you for doing business with us’.

Most online casinos may offer this promotion to players taking part as VIP members, or as mentioned, through a client loyalty program. However, most online casinos offer this promotion on a weekly to monthly basis for all players.

Examples of How a Cash Back Deposit Bonus Works

An example of a Cash Back Bonus would resemble the likes of the 2 following examples:

  • A player spends 100 Euros on a specific game that features this bonus. The player may lose 60 Euros on that specific game and the casino would usually set between 5% – 25% money back to cover the player’s losses and return to the players account. Such percentages differ from casino to casino and may vary in types of refunds ranging from real cash to bonus money or other kinds of prizes.
  • The casino may offer a promotion that offers 25% Cashback to a maximum of 50 Euros. For example, you lose 300 Euros, the casino will refund you the maximum percentage of your loss equalling to 50 Euros.

What are Bonus Codes?

What are Bonus Codes? A bonus code will be a specific code that you have to use when you want to claim a specific bonus. When players open a new account with any online casino, bear in mind that this doesn’t apply for every online casino, the player/s are issued with a bonus code.

These Bonus Codes, if offered, hold great benefits for the new player as they are granted prizes, discounts, Free Spin offers and other charming specials. This is not just for new players, but existing ones as well. As you may have already gathered, these codes are used to attract people to a casino and every casino will have their own goal from such treats. This is probably the best time to take advantage of such gifts as a player.

You can save money while investigating an online casino of your choice (should they offer bonuses). Making use of Bonus Codes means you literately have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Activating and using a Bonus code

The bonus code becomes active once a player has chosen a casino offer and the player will receive a code. This bonus code makes you qualified for various types of promotions such as extra deposit bonuses, free spins, welcome bonuses, and even a no deposit bonus. It must be stressed that a Bonus Code does have expiration dates, and therefore it is with great advice and in your interest that you act upon your opportunity as fast as possible to avoid disappointment!

We are dedicated to finding and providing players with casino’s offering Bonus Codes, only listing Bonus Codes that have not expired. As mentioned above, not all online casinos might offer Bonus Codes. For your benefit, we have come up with a list of casinos that may interest you with amazing Bonus Codes.

Real Money Casinos from WiseGambler

Have you ever heard of the term real money casinos, and maybe out of curiosity felt the need to give it a try? Have you had enough information to join this new-to-you advance? Our focus lies on explaining and clarifying what this means to a player with real money and what it means for you as a player.

It is advisable to understand what Real Money Casinos and gambling means due to it growing so drastically. Playing for real money is available from most any form of entertainment so long as the casino provides real money of course. The games can range from slots to table games, you name it. As per the norm, the interested party willing to play for real money must first register with an online casino and open an account. Most online casinos offer the opportunity of playing free games or using free bonuses. This is a chance for the player to get some practice by testing the games provided during free play at the casino.

Real Money Casinos and Safety at WiseGambler

Before registering with an online casino, having knowledge about gambling jurisdictions, regulations and cash transactions with online gaming sites could serve you well. You can find such information on our website, however under a different topic from this current discussion.

Once you have registered with a casino, you must provide the unique login details in order to access your accounts whether on via your iPhone, Blackberry or PC. Do not fear all of our registered casinos adhere to laws of privacy and data protection, therefore your info remains private. Furthermore, their websites are protected by leading internet security such as SSL encryption, and other important protocols and security measurements.

Getting started with Real Money Casinos at WiseGambler

Getting started with real money casinos as touched upon above, will primarily require the player to create an account with a casino of choice and make a real money deposit. Using a compatible device whether a PC, smartphone or tablet, you may proceed to the selection of your favourite game.

Pay attention to bonuses at this point, as you may redeposit them into your account expanding your credit. When the time presents itself to play against a ‘Live Dealer’, it is possible to collaborate with other players or even play on your own. This is obviously your own choice depending on what type of game you’re on the lookout for. Also, there is a difference in play as an individual vs teamwork. The following is a list of advantages from playing with real money:

  • What’s possibly more entertaining than the excitement of winning real money?
  • The games are visually pleasing thanks to awesome graphics
  • It’s a lot more convenient than players at a land-based casino, fewer crowds, and more fun
  • Assuming you have been practising on your free games, real money offers an extra bonus for players if they win.

In summary, the casinos on WiseGambler come highly recommended, offering some of the various benefits:

  • A large selection of high-quality games including slots, table games, live dealers and jackpot games.
  • Great welcome bonuses with Instant, secure deposits and payouts
  • Multi-million jackpots waiting for you to enjoy and gamble for real money
  • All transactions and games are secure and fair
  • Millions of awesome daily promotions for new and long-standing members
  • Various banking methods for withdrawals and deposits are available

Bonus Types – Wagering free, Sticky Type I and Sticky Type II

There are three main wagering bonuses. First up is the wagering free bonus. This means the bonus is wagering free and you can cash them out at any time. These are applicable to both bonuses and free spins. Second up, is the Sticky I Bonus; this bonus can be used to wager but cannot be withdrawn. For example:

  • The bonus you receive is €100. From that bonus, you win €50. This €50 can then be used to wager and decrease the wagering requirement. The moment you make a withdrawal, this bonus is permanently removed from your account.

Sticky Type II Bonus is very similar to type I, however, with this one if you withdraw you can still use the bonus for wagering. Therefore, this option is the more attractive option.

Bonus and Cash Balance at Casinos

At online casinos, you will find two different balances in your account if you choose the bonus. First is your cash balance, this is the balance you have that does not require wagering. This is pure cash and you can withdraw your money at any time.

The bonus balance is the bonus amount you received from the casino. As you complete the wagering requirements, your bonus amount will move to your cash balance which can then be withdrawn.

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