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We know how it feels when you make one mistake when you place your bets and then all your other bets are gone out the window. You need an option that allows you protection so that if one silly result didn’t quite go your way, you will have a backup solution.

In steps Acca insurance, commonly known as Accumulators. We all know that placing bets rely heavily on luck and some skill as well. If you make predictions and some of them are wrong, then yes you might not get anything out of it. However, if only one of those results is wrong you want to be able to still win something.

Acca Insurance

Acca insurance offers a refund of some kind, whether it be partial or full when you lose one of your bets. Usually, this offer comes in the form of a free bet from the sports betting site. please bear in mind that all bonuses and free offers always come with some terms and conditions. Be sure to check these out before applying for any bonus.

What is Acca Insurance?

Acca insurance is when you get money back if you lose one out of a selection of bets. You usually have to bet on a minimum number of teams and can range anywhere from 5 bets upward. Yes, this is predominantly based on football and offers a money back option, usually up to around £20 or £30.

How does Acca Insurance work?

The first part of an Acca bet is choosing the 5 teams that you want to bet on. You can either bet on all to win, all to draw or a mixture of wins and draws. What are the outcomes you can expect?

  • Obviously, if all 5 teams win then your bet is the winning bet and you don’t need to make use of Acca insurance.
  • If four teams win but one loses then you will receive the Acca Insurance refund up to a certain amount. This amount is determined by the new betting site you use.
  • If zero to three of your selections are correct but the rest is wrong, then you do not qualify for the Acca insurance.

You must make sure that you choose at least the minimum odds amount and place it on the sport allocated for that promotion. Again, please ensure to follow all terms and conditions related to the promotion at your betting site of choice.

How Refunds Work and Pay Out

As previously mentioned, refunds are not done in cold hard cash but in ways of a free bet. A free bet that holds the same value as the bet you made originally up to a maximum amount. The maximum amount is set by the sports betting site and usually goes up to about £25. Terms and conditions usually include restrictions on certain markets, minimum odds and stakes.

Examples of Acca Insurance

Example 1: Winner casino is offering an Acca insurance of up to £50 over 5 matches. You decide to bet on 5 Champions league games that are all happening on Sunday. You bet £5 on each game which accumulates to £25. You bet on all of your selections to win. All your selected teams win except for one.

Normally this would mean you lose everything. However, with Acca insurance, you will receive £25 back into your account within the next 7 days.

Example 2: You make a 5-accumulator bet and all 5 matches win. no need for Acca insurance, you have won and will win a great amount of cash as well!

Example 3: You make your 5 bets but lose more than one bet. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done here as Acca insurance is only applicable to one loss.

Betting Sites that offer Acca Insurance

Almost all betting sites offer Acca insurance because they like to make sure you want to come back and keep playing. Always make sure to read your Terms and conditions though because sometimes you can really be caught off guard if you are not expecting it.

Top bookies that offer this include:

  • Paddy Power
  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfair
  • Betway
  • Coral
  • Betfred

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