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Top New Sportsbooks

The sports betting industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has proven to be an extremely strong leader in the gaming industry. Each and every year new betting sites are launched due to the growth of the sports betting world. New sites launch to try and cover a different or more innovative way of betting. They try and take what has been done before and make it even better.

Here at Wisegambler, we love new sites as this gives us a chance to really research and learn more about the new sites and if they bring any new and innovative offers to the table. Our page will teach you everything you need to know about new sites and what they have to offer.

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You will learn about different betting types, betting offers, payment options, betting markets, odds and so much more. It’s time to learn about the best and new betting sites in the business, who to trust, tips and tricks and so much more!

New Bookies

Many people think that the older the establishment the better they can care for you. we are here to tell you that that might not always be the case. Many of the new online sports betting sites offer even better variety and even more innovation to make your experience one of a kind.

Older bookmakers can always integrate new features and new innovation, but this takes a lot of time and effort on their part. New sites will offer everything you need from the get-go. Including new up to date software and options. New sites also offer a break from the rest and always offer something different and unique.

New Sites vs. Old Sites

There are ways to tell the difference between new and old sports betting sites. First up is the presence of the site in various media portals.  Larger and older brands have the bankroll to fund massive campaigns. Take for example bet365 or Betfair, you will find they have a massive advertorial weight.

Older bookmakers also usually like to stick to their old ways by offering fewer features and sometimes smaller bonuses. Whereas new sites tend to offer larger bonuses to attract new customers. They also offer better odds at times and more options when it comes to payment methods.

Benefits of New Sites

There are plenty of great benefits of joining a new site and some of these include:

  • Betting Markets – Many new sites tend to offer a lot more niche sports markets such as esports, MMA and more. The great part of new sports sites is they won’t just offer the common selections but some unique ones as well.
  • Cashouts and exchanges – Being able to cash out in play is a feature that many people enjoy. It allows you to keep your bet safe and make decisions whenever you see fit. Another great feature is an exchange where you can lay odds against other people.
  • Great bonuses – In order to attract new customers, one needs to set a great bonus for people to enjoy. This is why new sites offer great bonuses! You can enjoy all types of bonuses from odd boosts, no deposit bonuses to deposit bonuses and more.
  • Live Streaming and In-Play betting – being able to offer live streaming and in-play betting is a must for many players. You want to be able to watch your game and make bets at the same time whether you are in your home or out and about.
  • Mobile features – Almost anything you find online is mobile these days. New sites will always come in a great mobile version and offer great bonuses and promotions for players on mobile.
  • Odds levels – Many new online casinos and bookies will up their odd prices so that you will want to punt. It’s a great added advantage if there are a few more percentage points added.

Features of A New Betting Site

Many times, new bookies and new betting sites have better offers comparing to old bookmakers. Some bookmakers can offer up to £200 and offer additional price boosts. They are also very social media friendly and have fan bases on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can also expect innovative functionality at new sites. This is because new sites are opening the site with newer technology than older ones. This means new sites are usually quicker and easier to use.

New sites also normally come with esports which allows players to bet on hundreds of different esports across the globe. Some even offer live streams for League of Legends and Counter-Strike.

Another feature is that they usually come with great customer service. They need to do this in order to keep new players happy at their platform. Being new means, they have to work that much harder to keep their players happy.

Disadvantages of a Betting at A New Site

There are very few disadvantages when it comes to new bookies. The main disadvantage is that they are not as well known or established as older bookies. This means they might not payout in massive amounts or have a wide array of bonuses to choose from. Other than that, we feel new betting sites are always a great choice!

Playing at New Sportsbooks

If you would like to play at new sportsbooks the main aspect would be for trust, licenses and responsible gambling.  Law in most countries requires you to have some sort of gaming license in order to operate in that country. Bookies that do not hold any sort of license are an obvious no-no. Licenses are important not only to protect the players but for tax purposes as well.

Trustworthiness is probably the most important factor at any online sportsbook or casino. here at Wisegambler, we only promote online casinos and sportsbook that have the utmost security and trustworthiness. So, for the best new bookies, welcome to Wisegambler!