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About Online Bingo

Online bingo began in 1996 and up until 2006, online bingo was yielding approximately US$500 million and has since grown to the billions. When playing online bingo, things are done slightly differently to a regular bingo game. This is due to the use of a random number generator instead of a person spinning and drawing the balls. A great benefit of online bingo is the chat rooms where you can meet other bingo players and interact.


Bingo Zone was the first online bingo game to be released and this game was completely free. All you had to do was provide some information about your demographics to play. Since then, plenty of amazing online bingo games and variants have been released.

Online Bingo Sites

There are hundreds of cool online bingo sites out there it's up to you what you prefer! We have narrowed down our top sites that we think you will love! These sites have been hand chosen for you to enjoy only the best when it comes to online bingo.

Learn About Online Bingo

Since its beginning in 1996, online bingo has grown at an extremely rapid rate. There are millions of players worldwide that enjoy a great game of online bingo, with the main focus being on social interaction.

Online bingo, no matter the variant, has the same premise which is to match numbers on the card that the game calls. This makes the game really easy to play and fun as well! Online bingo has managed to avoid many online gambling laws due to it being a game of chance rather than a casino game. Chances of winning are completely equal and fair.

When you play online bingo there are a bunch of features you can look out for including an auto setting which plays the game for you, card sorting, card highlighting and more. Games are usually very cheap and some games even ask players to buy a certain number of cards as a standard so that high rollers don’t overpower other players.

How to Play Bingo Online

Thankfully, playing online bingo is really simple. Here are 5 easy steps on how to play online bingo:

  1. Find a game of your choice and buy a card with the use of the random number generator
  2. The game will then tell you what they are looking for, for a win such as a specific pattern, lines (horizontal or vertical) or a full house.
  3. The game will read out random numbers for you to see if you have them
  4. You then match the numbers read out to your card
  5. If you match all the numbers successfully you are the winner!

How to Win in Online Bingo

Winning online bingo is done when you cross off all the squares from your card before anyone else. There are different patterns that you need to cross off in order to win including:

  • Pattern: This is a pattern requested by the bingo game that you need to meet
  • 1 Line: A line is marked off on your bingo ticket
  • 2 Lines: Two rows are marked off your bingo ticket. This includes diagonal, vertical or horizontal.
  • Full House: All squares on your card are marked off.

Here are some top strategies we think you should try in order to win in online bingo:

  1. Buy More Bingo Cards – Buying more cards gives you a higher chance to win. However, some online bingo sites do not allow for more than a certain amount to keep it fair.
  2. Know beforehand what you can win – Take a look at what’s up for grabs before you decide on the game. Some prizes are bigger than others!
  3. Play when there are fewer players online – In bingo money does not increase or decrease. The main aim is to play against as little players as possible in order to stand a bigger chance to win. We suggest you play during times when the bingo rooms are slightly quieter such as late night, early morning and weekdays.
  4. Stay Alert – Keep alert when playing the game. Also, a good thing is to be early, this way you secure your cards, maybe chat with some other players and get ready for the games.
  5. Understand the game and the different sizes of each game. Take a look below under types of bingo games to know more about each game.
  6. Get advice from seasoned players – This is always a good way to enjoy learning more about the game. Chat with others in the chats and you could get some great tips.

Bingo Software Providers

There are different software providers for bingo games online and some of these include:

  • Cozy Games – This top game provider has been around since 2005 and has grown to be a top exclusive network providing three different networks Live Bingo Network, the Best Bingo Network and the Lucky Duck Network. Each network offers its own games and bonuses.
  • Dragonfish – Owned by the 888 group, Dragonfish are known for reliability and strength. There are over 100 brands that make use of this software and the software is well known for amazing games and massive jackpots. Their variants include 75 and 90 ball bingo.
  • Gamesys – Founded in 2001, this provider offers a good selection of games and in 2010 a payout of £1.9 million was won. They are also known for bringing cash gaming to Facebook thanks to their apps.
  • Jumpman Gaming – Founded in 2011, this provider is a true stand out and offers standalone promotions. Here you can enjoy 75 and 90 ball bingo.
  • Microgaming – Beginning in 1994, this software is one of the older providers. They do have a slightly smaller selection of bingo games, but what they do have is secure and reliable.
  • Playtech/Virtue Fusion – This provider offers a massive selection of games including casino, sports and bingo. Sites that make use of this software can enjoy individual bonuses and linked prize pools.

Types of Bingo Games

There are different types of online bingo games depending on the software you use. The three main versions include:

  • 90 ball bingo – These games tend to ask for winnings using a full house or lines
  • 75 ball bingo – This game just has some fewer numbers and tend to use slightly different win patterns
  • 80 ball bingo – This is also known as keno and many people love this variant.

There are also different formats that you need to be aware of when playing online bingo:

  • Entry Fee – Be careful to check, some games come with free entry while others come with an entry fee of up to £10
  • Prize Pots – If there is a guaranteed prize pot, the player can win a fixed sum when you fill out your card.
  • Progressive Jackpots – There are a few online bingo games that offer a progressive jackpot.
  • Side Games – Some sites allow you to play different games during rounds of bingo to keep you entertained for longer.
  • Themes of the games – There are different themes including tv based games and more.

Playing Responsibly on Bingo

In order to play any online game responsibly, you need to follow a set of rules and guides. What is a responsible gamer? A responsible gamer is someone who sets limits for themselves before playing games, they also only play with money they know they can lose. Make sure you never chase the losses and don’t play or gamble when you are upset, angry or feeling depressed.

If you feel you might have a problem, you can exclude yourself for certain periods of time. simply contact the casino and ask them to exclude you for x amount of time.

Different Online Bingo Bonuses

There are different bonuses you can enjoy when playing at an online bingo site, this includes:

  • A sign-up bonus or a no deposit bonus – This is an offer you can receive by simply signing up. You get the bonus for free and no payment information is needed.
  • Deposit Bonus: This is an offer for when you make a deposit. It usually includes a % up to a number plus it can also include additional benefits such as free spins and more.
  • Reload Bonus: This offers players more than one bonus when making multiple deposits.

Online vs Land Based Bingo

Why choose online bingo over land-based bingo? Here are 5 reasons why we would choose online bingo:

  1. Play wherever you are, whether in silence or in a noisy place
  2. The game is automatic which means you won't miss anything when playing
  3. You can make friends in the online chat room.
  4. There are games which are based on the chat rooms. This means players in the chatroom can play against one another.
  1. You can play games with your friends.

Online Bingo FAQ's

Is Online Bingo Legal and Safe?

Yes, online bingo is legal and safe for all online players. The online bingo industry is highly regulated due to its popularity. It is important to know, however, that not all online bingo sites are safe so rather take a look at our top bingo sites for the best and safest sites out there.

What are Bingo Chatrooms?

These are chat rooms that keep you interacting with other bingo players. Most bingo games are equipped with these and offer players a much more social experience. There are also chat room moderators which actually start some conversations and get more people involved. They also oversee the games and competitions.

Is there a difference in Bingo Software?

Yes, there aren’t major differences but there are a few differences such as which variants they offer, which games have live chat offers and more. Even though there aren’t many differences, rather be sure to check what is at your chosen bingo site before playing.

What strategy is involved in online bingo?

There are a few strategies you can make use of in online bingo, although not much. Tips from us include making sure you don’t overspend, use a timer to time how long you spend on the games and see if you are spending too much time. Also, take a look at the tips mentioned above under how to win in online bingo.

What is the Online Bingo Age Requirement?

Like online casinos and online betting, playing at an online bingo site, you must be over the age of 18 and in some countries, this could be older.

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