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Mobile Casinos are a necessity in today’s day and age. Due to many modern factors of today’s living that differ from the past, our mobile phones have become a big part of our lives. So naturally all online casino must optimize their user experience for mobile users.

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Smartphones have become an extension of our brains. This handheld “personal computer” has changed the way we communicate plus gives the average guy hundreds of applications for all sorts of needs, desires, and functionality. It is basically your own personal assistant, with a super brain.

It would only have been a short matter of time before no deposit casinos caught on to this trend, and they have done it well. Mobile casinos are the next era of casinos due to the convenience of our smartphones and tablets have created, now you can take your favourite slots anywhere and access them anytime. Due to the rapid rate of growth in the demand for mobile casino entertainment, casinos have reacted accordingly to ensure supply meets demand.

mobile casinos

Types of Mobile Casinos

Currently, you have two types of mobile casinos;

  • Responsive Mobile Optimized Casinos – they are an intelligent design that’s capable of automatically recognising the platform your phone or tablet uses and displaying a version of the website that is modified for your device.
  • Mobile application sites – in this case, the player must download an application from a casino website before he or she can play. The application will be located on the player’s home page and can easily access the casino whenever you desire a quick spin.

Advantages of Mobile Casinos

  • In this modern era, convenience is an important feature; play anywhere anytime;
  • Imagine being able to play your favourite slots on your lunch break, or even on your toilet break?
  • Being able to play if you have a long commute to work
  • Most androids have a graphical display that will rival high-end laptops and computers
  • It’s just so convenient to access games from a nice light phone or tablet while relaxing on the sofa

Mobile Casinos vs Land-Based and Online Casinos

Mobile casinos do not present the old example of a casino; a room full of machines, maybe beverages being sold and whatever more you recall of a land-based casino. We are not saying land or fixed casinos are of no value, every casino has its place and now you have even more options and flexibility. Smartphones and tablets lend you a choice of how and where you’d prefer spending your time and money, literally.

Compared to your desktops and laptops, smart phones and tablets are a lot more portable and somewhat serve as a condensed replica of games viewed on your computer screen. However, realistically speaking, they are coded completely differently. Whether via an Android, iPad, and iPhone (iOS), endless hours are spent by design teams making sure your smart playing experience is enjoyable and memorable.

Top iPhone Casinos

Before we can discuss iPhone casinos, we must first try and understand the term IOS/iPhone as there is a little chance some readers will not be familiar with this world-famous technology. However, if you would like more information, this article would suit your interests.

The iOS system (iPhone software) is an operating system used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple. It is the operating system that presently powers devices such as iPads, iPods, and iPhones. It is what android is to Samsung smart devices. They are direct competitors with a long-running battle of positional change between 1st and 2nd as a consumer choice. There are constant releases and updates of the iOS software.

Top iPhone Casino Games and Apps

For online games, iPhone casinos would have similar benefits as Android smart phones and tablets would for online gambling. However, iPhone casinos offer its own gambling applications made available at the App Store which can be simply accessed from any IOS operating system. These applications are plentiful and many available free of charge. IOS apps are exclusive for the use on Apple’s Proprietary IOS mobile operating system, however, the Android operating system seems available to more brands such as HTC, Samsung, LG, and others. This can be a factor and could possibly affect your mobile selection when looking to use your mobile as a gambling platform.

How to download iPhone casino applications

Most no account online casinos would have created an application for the iOS/iPhone operating system, which most often is linked to the mobile casino page on the casino’s website. On the other hand, you may want to do some searching on the Apple App Store which will also contain specific applications to match your desires. Bear in mind, another reason why the Gambling App Store is the best option for you, they have put in a lot of effort to ensure all apps are free of charge, safe, secure and virus free and completely legitimate in the UK and EU market. It is advisable to double check your own local regions legislation’s as they usually differ from country to country.

As briefly mentioned iPhone casinos yields similar benefits to that from android devices. In a world that is consistently moving at a rapid and constant rate, iPhone casinos offer flexibility and portability. You can play at your favourite casinos anywhere and anytime. Whether commuting or taking a lunch break, your favourite games are in the control of your iPhone which happens to feature crisp graphics rivaling your laptop or personal computer.

Best online Android Casinos

With so many online android casinos emerging from every direction, popping new casino offers left right and center, it has become even more important to make sure that whichever casino app you select meets the highest standards of operation and comply with casino regulations of your region. With a helping hand from us at Wisegambler, we can assist you in selecting an Android casino or apps that meet the strictest judgments such as the highest quality graphics, quick game loading time and reliable yet quick payouts.

As you can play for real money, your personal information will be required and therefore it is important for the mobile casinos for Android application to contain certain security systems and protocols. Our selected casinos use state of the art encryption technology to protect your privacy preventing any mishaps.

Online Android Casino

We do all the investigations, so you can enjoy all your favourite casino entertainment on your mobile device. Do not hesitate to join the fun, let us find you the mobile gambling casino or gaming applications offering the best deposit bonuses and highest payouts. Get the best real money casinos for android today!

What is an android operating system?

It would make sense to first understand what an Android operating system means or recognize some of its principal factors before we consider an android casino.

Android is a modern mobile operating system based on the Linux Kernel and designed to be used as a touchscreen mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Android was developed by Google as an interface designed for direct manipulation using the touch gesture that roughly corresponds to real-world actions, such as swiping to manipulate the screen along with a virtual keyboard for text input. Androids are still relatively new and rapidly growing, they certainly support some of the latest mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, HTC, and LG.

It is very likely you might be carrying one of these phones in your pocket or next to you as you read this article, and understandably so, as the benefits of android devices are numerous. This includes benefits such as multitasking – you can operate more than 2 of your favourite social media platforms at once, a plus for social butterflies, you are continuously able to connect to the internet and whether that’s good or bad; information is at your fingertips 24/7.

You also have an easy access to thousands of applications via the app market which lets you download games, GPS devices, training coaches and now the latest craze; online casinos. Now you can play your favourite casino games through your Android device while enjoying the benefits such devices yield, mainly portability. You can play on the move, during your lunch break or whatever works for you. Get your online casinos for android today!

Windows Mobile Casinos

What are the best Windows Mobile Casinos? Firstly, let’s talk a bit about technology. Online casinos have grown into a popular and favoured industry across the world. Growth also means expansion and moving with the times. In today’s language, a man or woman’s phone is about as close to having your own personal assistant, personal friend, and personal navigator as you can get.

Phones are only limited to applications; therefore, the sky is the limit. Online casinos have caught on to this trend, becoming one with your best friend ‘the phone’ and now letting you enjoy the thrilling experiences of online casino’s in the comfort of your Windows operated mobile device. You can access the best mobile casino games from your Windows Phone, what more would you what?

Benefits of Windows Mobile Casinos

I don’t need to remind you about the benefits of your phone such as being the most portable electronic device known to mankind and you can take all your favourite online casino games on the go with you using your Windows phone. As the mobile online casino industry grows so does the support and applications available for Windows Phones such as the Nokia. If you have a Nokia handset, you’ll need a Windows Phone compatible site, and you will need help in locating the very best applications for your device. This is why we Wisegambler steps in, we have done the all the heavy lifting on your behalf to give you Windows Mobile Casinos that offer the best in:

  • Player safety – The Windows Mobile Casinos in our top-rated list all have state of the art encryption software, especially important when considering playing for real money which involves the use of your personal details
  • Game selection – the games that you will find have been researched and tested to meet the highest standard of operation, plus offering gaming diversity and variety.
  • Customer service – no games are complete without efficient customer and technical backing, qualities that pose a major red flag when not taken into consideration. We focus on only top rated and responsible Windows Mobile Casinos
  • Certification – all our selected Windows casinos are recognized and endorsed by a gambling association, therefore fully licensed by official industrial bodies.
  • Pay-outs – our selection of Windows casinos are reliable and fast paying which is a requirement to qualify as a top casino on the Wisegambler’s Windows casino selection.

How to Play Casino Games with Windows Mobile Online Casinos

Playing with your Windows phone or device will allow you to play directly on your browser or alternatively require that you download a Microsoft smartphone application, unlike playing on your laptop or personal computer. Depending on which option you choose (browser or application) we are sure you will be

Best Blackberry Casinos

Want to know more about Blackberry Casinos? This new world, our new world, is a world full of mobile devices especially phones. We all have our favourite device and manufacturer that comes with the device. We a have a love’ hate relationship with such devices whether productive or not, on one side of the corner you are always available to access the virtual social world and on the other, you could be unavailable to the person in the same room.

Whatever relation you have with your phone is up to you, but you can’t take away from the fact that our devices have increased the amount of options in our daily lives. The standard in which we can hold the smart phone today takes entertainment and internet use to the level which was once only thought possible with personal computers featuring the latest bells and whistles. Today your favourite Blackberry smart phone brings you all the coolest functions only online devices can offer through all types of applications with one of the latest crazes being online and live casinos.

Why select online mobile gambling via Blackberry Casinos

Blackberry Casinos let you wager on the move, while commuting, waiting for friends and family or evening during your lunch break. Playing on the move will never be as convenient and exciting, no matter where you are, all you need is your Blackberry mobile device. This phone was originally created for both business and pleasure and is compatible with numerous mobile casinos therefore when owning the Blackberry, you will never run out of awesome options. Furthermore, the Blackberry can carry out all the functions that you would want to perform at online casinos on your desktop.

Wisegambler and Blackberry

As you might already know, the internet is a big place with lots of opportunists looking to make the quick buck out of the unsuspecting online uses. Whether shopping at your favourite online store or wagering money at mobile casinos, Wisegambler has researched and tested casino applications available in the market with the objective of find reliable online and mobile casinos, for your peace of mind.

Blackberry Casinos must meet the highest level of customer services (24/7 support), in addition to having leading secure systems, protocols and measures. One of the most important requirements is that the online casino be licensed by means that meet the highest standards of jurisdictions and have an above-board code of conduct. Last but not least, the casino must provide reliable and fast payment options.

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