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As all the players in the insurance market, you will think that winning in a slot machine is a matter of luck, many times when playing in person many people think that it has to do with the temperature of the slot machine and others even think that when using cold coins increases their chances of winning, but as many already know, it is a lie, this is based on fantasies and hobbies that many people grasp over the years.

These last characteristics do not apply when we talk about online slot machines, that is why if you still do not know what slot machines to choose with this review you will have a broader idea and you will be able to take the correct option that best suits your needs.

In the first instance, it is important that we define the experience we want to achieve with the slot machine, and you will know this according to the profile you have been developing as a player. You may be a very daring player, capable of taking any type of risk, or else you are a calm player who increases his income little by little.

How does an online slot machine work?

First we must clarify that when we talk about slot machines it is the fact of knowing how winning plays are produced. All machines use a type of program that generates random numbers, called RNG. These numbers define the next position where the roller will stop when it is rotated. 

It must be clear that this process is completely random and independent of external factors, making it impossible to decipher what will happen in any of the runs. 

Each roll is independent of each other. 

We must know that this program always ends up giving you a certain advantage to the casino online, since the casino always wins regardless of how long you play. This game was created that way. 

Despite the aforementioned, we can be winners in short periods of time.. 

Among Wisegambler’s strategies we have: 

Take into account the bonus feature :

This is important for a couple of reasons, as they bring bonuses to the base game as well as bonuses. Those with the highest payout in spin bets are based on symbols and special features. Already in a second place because these characteristics represent the level of interaction between the machine and the player.  

When we talk about volatility it is essential since they indicate the award style that a slot machine has.    

Low volatility : Get prizes more often but the amount is not very high.

Average volatility : The frequency of prizes is high but they can come in a series of spins without any reward. 

High volatility: It will take you longer to get a prize but it will be quite high. 

Take into account the dynamics of slot machines:

To always guarantee a good time, it is important to choose slots that have an entertaining and happy theme. 

In this case it is good that we discard slot machines that have a very serious theme, look for games where volatility is low but the RTP is high. 

But also if on the contrary you want to live exciting experiences, it would be good if you chose slots based on movies or series, or even go for slots with simple animations, they are also quite entertaining. 

With this we managed to keep playing longer periods of time and thus we managed to ensure a victory since we did not leave the gaming platform aside due to boredom.