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Who doesn’t like a good casino trip? But even better, an online version. No more waiting to get a seat at your favorite table game, the online option is so much better and striking. What better alternative, then to sit in your own space, whether it’s at home or on the go on your mobile device, you can now play your favorite games anytime, anywhere.

Some players might think they will miss the feeling, sound or interacting with other players. Well, worry no more, with live casino games you get the best of both worlds, you can still play in the comfort of your own home, but yet, still interact with other players while taking part in a real live streamed online casino game. Not only will you be part of a live-streamed game, but you can interact with your fellow players and your private dealer.

Many online casinos also offer a special live casino bonus just for live players! Please read further if you are Interested to know and learn more!

What Casino Games can you Expect to Play Live

Before we discuss how and what to play, lets see what games are available for live games and casino games:

  • Casino Games: Table Games and Some other games
  • Live Games: Baccarat Live, Blackjack Live, Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold’em, Deal or No Deal Live, Dragon Tiger, Dream Cather Live, Football Studio, High Stakes, Monopoly Live, Roulette Live, Three Card Poker and more

How to Play Live Games with Live Dealers

Before we start with how to play online games, let’s first have a look at how to play with or against a live dealer.

Your live dealer in your preferred game will always be your principal contact, so should you have the need to ask the dealer any questions while in-play, you have an option to type messages on the chat and the dealer will then answer your question verbally. Dealers responsibilities also remain the same on life casinos as in real-life casinos.

Playing a live game with a live dealer will work like this, let’s take roulette for an example, on your screen you will see the whole table, you place your bet and wagers on your screen, the live dealer will then place the actual bet on the table and the game is played further as per normal.

Now let’s see how to play the different games with a Live Dealer, we will use the three most popular live games namely Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a very easy and simple game to master in no time. As we have mentioned before with online life games, all you do is place your bet and wager on the customised user interface, the live dealer will then accept your bet and place your bet on the table accordingly. The normal Baccarat rules apply with Online Baccarat, but one fun difference, you get an assortment of different lobbies like Punto Banco or Speed Baccarat.

Live Blackjack

From all the live casino games that’s available today, live online blackjack has some of the best interacting between dealers and players. And don’t think that live online blackjack has lost any of its fun and appeal from land-based casino blackjack. Because blackjack is one of the few games where the player can directly face off against the dealer, it really helps to be able to see the dealers and interact with them. Again, the rules of live online blackjack are the same as land-based blackjack, so try not to go over 21 and try your best to beat the dealer’s hand, it feels pretty amazing when you get congratulated by the dealer!

Live Roulette

As with normal roulette, live roulette is just as engaging and with a fast past. You have several betting options to choose from and ways to be the winner. Once you enter the live roulette table you will be greeted by a professional and friendly live dealer. To place a bet, you only get a fixed period to do so, where after the dealer will spin the wheel and the winner will be called. As easy and rewarding as that!

Tips for Playing Live Casino Games

Before you start playing any of the live online casino games, here are some tips to apply or think about just before you start your fun journey with live online games:

  • Chasing Losses: With all casinos, you must play smart, as with live casinos. Do not chase losses, you will end up worse off.
  • Finances: It’s always important to decide beforehand how much you want to spend. So, a really good tip is to not spend more than you can honestly afford.
  • Internet Connection: There is nothing worse than sitting just comfy with your favourite snack and drink, just ready to play your live casino game, and no internet connection. Before getting ready to play your favourite live online casino game it’s best to make sure you have a secure internet connection that will be able to handle the program you are going to use.
  • Live Casino Etiquette: Just think for a second, would a disruption or rudeness be allowed around a live casino game in a land-based casino, the answer is no. And the same rules apply for live online casino games. So, learn to have good live casino etiquette and play nice!
  • When to Quit: This one goes hand in hand with “do not spend more than you can afford”. It’s normal not to win all the time, so know when to quit!


Live casino games will most definitely fulfil all player’s needs, giving them an unforgettable experience right in the comfort of their own homes or on the go.

The game options are endless with live online casino games, with a huge variety of different lobbies for Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and all the other live online games.

Most importantly, because live online casino games were designed for fun, make sure you get the most of your live online casino game!