Enhanced Odds

Want to learn about enhanced odds? Enhanced odds give players a once off boost where they stand a chance to earn more money when placing a wager on a specific event.









Enhanced odds have truly grown in popularity and have fast become a frequent spectacle. Enhanced odds are a way of attracting players by enhancing the odds for specific matches. It’s normally for bigger matches that this is valid on and offers a great boost for many players.

An important aspect that we remind people no matter what the offer, please make sure to9 check the terms and conditions. Many times, the terms and conditions can contain important terms and wagering that you want to be aware of.

What are enhanced odds?

Enhanced odds are simply an increased boost or increased odds for specific bets. They are promoted for a short-term and are applicable to a specific match or game happening soon. It’s a great way to get players to join a sports betting site and is many times focused on the biggest sports events such as a final football match or a massive tennis match for example.

There are some terms and conditions applicable to any sports betting site, they usually come with a specific amount that you need to bet to qualify for the offer. If you bet too high the likelihood of validity of the offer will not be valid.

Winnings only apply to the amount you have enhanced and come in the form of free bets at most bookies. There are a few bookies that might offer it in another form, however, this is the most common. Never forget to read your terms and conditions before accepting any bonuses.

Benefits of Enhanced Odds

The best part of enhanced odds is that you don’t really have much to lose. They are literally a boost for your bet and if you think you have a good chance of winning then your odds will simply be increased from your original amount to up to four times your original bet.

The only thing we would say is a disadvantage would be that the winnings normally come in the form of a free bet which could come with a turnaround. This means that chances of benefiting might be a bit lower.

Another great advantage of enhanced odds is that you can set the odds higher because it’s not in any way connected to a team’s chances of winning. Not many people are willing to put s game up to six or eight times, however, with this option you can do just that without the loss! The only thing you need to consider is the terms and conditions attached to the odds.

Where to find enhanced odds

Many sports betting sites offer enhanced odds. Here at Wisegambler, you can find the top sportsbooks that offer many options. Like previously mentioned, enhanced odds are based on an upcoming game and is normally for new players. If it is based on a welcome bonus it will be a very limited time offer.

Top bookmakers that offer enhanced odds include Betfair, William Hill, Paddy Power and many more. Wisegambler.com offers the best-enhanced odds and price boosts for you. you’ll never miss an opportunity to get the best from us!

They can vary in amounts, but many time offers a 20% boost. This is just a general number, but most offers are based on this amount.

Bear in mind that not all new bookmakers offer enhanced odds, however, most of the bigger bookies offer them. Most of the time they are applicable to football and can be anything from Champions League to the League Cup. Sports betting sites will only post the offer a few days before the main game or even hours before!

Types of Enhanced Odds

There are various types of enhanced odds that one needs to be aware of. Enhanced odds are some of the more common offers at bookies and allows you a chance to earn a much larger amount if your bet is accurate.

Accumulators price boost

An accumulator price boost is when the bookie offers a boost to your total earnings if you place 5 multiple bets. For example, if you place a bet on 6 events and the odds come up to 16.50 then you could get 20% more money on those bets if you used the enhanced odds option.

Spin Bet

This lets you choose the winning team and a percentage of that gets added to a jackpot. if you are selected as the main winner you will get all the funds in that jackpot.

Zero commission

This is the standard enhanced odds option and carries a 0% commission. You can find this offer on games such as semi-finals, finals or world cup.