What are the safest online casino payment methods?

When this movement of creation and use of online casinos just began, one of the main questions we asked ourselves was whether it was a good idea to use them or not to use them, however, this taboo was eliminated years ago and for today the main doubt that it arises when playing in an online casino is in relation to the existing payment methods in the casino.

Here we will try to provide you with all the necessary information regarding this topic that we know is of great interest to players today.

In these times the knowledge that is had about online casinos is very wide, and the culture of betting and online games is growing exponentially. Thanks to this, people feel much more comfortable using these online platforms and there are fewer fears of experimenting with all of them.

Those users who are deep in the world of online gambling have it as a hobby on our computers and we even have them downloaded to our mobile phones to be able to play and bet when we have a good feeling.

At present, playing is very easy, however, despite all the information we have at our disposal on this subject, there is still a lack of knowledge on the subject of money and how it is handled within each of the gaming platforms.

For a long time, online casinos made enormous efforts to eliminate any type of fear that existed within people when using the credit card within the platform but all this today users still ask themselves questions like what How can the casino be paid and even more importantly how the casino pays me the winnings I made during my gaming session.

Online casino payment methods

Within the payment methods of today, we have a huge variety, however, some are better than others not only for the security they provide but also for the speed with which said payment is made.

Debit and Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard)

This is without a doubt the most popular and simple way out there. It is fast, easy to use, and quite effective. Any transaction that is approved will be credited to our online casino balance automatically.


It is widely known for being a very popular virtual wallet. It has affiliations with several banks and the most important debit and credit cards. You can make both deposits and withdrawals through EcoPayz and if you prefer not to use your personal cards, Ecopayz offers you a Mastercard prepaid debit card.


This is a prepaid account that offers a virtual Mastercard or Visa card with which you can buy and deposit at the online casino of your choice. Deposit and withdrawal terms vary between 1 to 3 business days.


Without a doubt, if it is not the main one at least one of the main electronic purses that you will get in the market. Its application leaves nothing but good comments from its users and also offers a Neteller and Mastercard debit card. Deposits are credited immediately and withdrawals take 1-3 business days.


Over the years we know the security and trust that this great platform gives us. Being the most used application for online purchases in the world, it undoubtedly places it as one of the favorites of users when it comes to entering and withdrawing money from online casinos, especially due to the incredible interface it handles.


This platform is a point and apart from the previous ones. Today a large number of people consider it the best deposit and withdrawal option in the world. With it, you can get a debit or prepaid MasterCard. In this application, you can receive the money withdrawn from online casinos in the fastest way of all.


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