VIP Loyalty Programs

VIP Loyalty Programs

There are a large number of online casinos available, and they all have to fight to gain the attention of new players. It isn’t easy to stand out on the casino market, and it takes more than just a good welcome bonus or a large game selection to win casino players over. To really give the players something extra, we see a lot of casinos operating with a VIP loyalty program.

A VIP loyalty program is implemented to both attract new players as well as keeping existing players engaged. These programs are often designed to keep the players playing, and to reward the most loyal players with gifts, free spins and other perks. If a VIP loyalty program is really good and tempting, it can make players stay at the casino longer.


What is a VIP loyalty program?

A VIP loyalty program is a way to reward players. Each VIP loyalty program will be different and designed specifically for the casino in question. At you can read more about specific loyalty programs. The objective is normally to gain points from either playing, making deposits or engaging with the casino in some way. The more points you get, the higher your VIP level will become. The different levels often have names such as Gold, Diamond and Platinum.

Each level gives you new perks and they work as a motivator to keep the players playing. How you gain points may differ from casino to casino. At some online casinos you get points for everything you do at the casino, whilst others only give out points for certain actions. This could be either playing specific games, making a deposit or taking part in a tournament.

The perks given to players can consist of quicker withdraws, extras cash, free spins or other benefits. Some VIP loyalty programs give you casino points that you can use in the casino's own store. This is a great way to engage with loyal customers and it will make them feel appreciated. At the same time a VIP loyalty program can be tempting for new players and make them want to sign up.


How to join a VIP loyalty program

There are two ways to join a VIP loyalty program, and it all depends on what casino you’re playing at. Some casinos automatically let you join their VIP loyalty program as soon as you register. The most common approach is giving out special invites to loyal players. After you have played at the casino for a while, you might get a personal invite to join the VIP loyalty program.

The perks given to players can be anything from lowering the wagering requirements, free spins, bonuses, quicker withdrawals, tailored bonuses, lottery entries, physical gifts sent to your home and so much more. It all depends on what casino you’re registered to. A VIP program is a win-win, both for the casino and for the players.

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