Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and General Information at WiseGambler

It is important to know that when visiting Wisegambler we have a list of important privacy policy facts. Please be aware of the following facts:

  • When using the services at Wisegambler we collect your personal information
  • We make use of this information to ensure you get the best experience. Included in our customisation is fulfilling any request you need, being able to contact you, offering you reporting and customising your adverts.
  • If you are under the age of 18 you cannot make use or register an account at Wisegambler
  • If you don’t want any more emails from us at Wisegambler please contact us here.
  • Wisegambler can at any time ask you to change certain details in your account
  • Wisegambler is allowed at any time to delete your account. We will still keep your information and will file it under the deleted or deactivated accounts section.
  • If for any reason the privacy policy at Wisegambler changes, we will notify the users.

Disclosure of Personal information

Wisegambler will only give your information if you agree to it. Or, if the following occurs:

  • Advertisements are customised as per your information. When you view the adverts, the advertiser can assume that you meet their conditions.
  • Legal processes required by law or with the use of court orders
  • Companies that are trusted at Wisegambler and is done under a confidentiality agreement. Please note that these companies won’t have any right to distribute your information.
  • If at any stage Wisegambler is merged or bought by another company all user information will be moved. If this occurs, you will be informed.

Privacy and Confidentiality at Wisegambler

  • Any account at Wisegambler is fully protected with a password
  • All safeguards are implemented at Wisegambler to protect all your information
  • Employees at Wisegambler receive restricted access to your personal information. Only employees that need to contact you will receive some information.

Important Content Facts

  • Content on Wisegambler is not guaranteed to be accurate
  • All users that make use of Wisegambler need to ensure that the information on this site is accurate before making a decision
  • Information on Wisegambler can be changed at any time with no notice given
  • Restrictions do occur in different markets and certain services could be subject to these regulations.

Complaints and Security

  • Wisegambler makes use of various security measures to ensure the protection of all information. We protect against any sort of misuse or loss of information.
  • Wisegambler does not offer any solutions for problems between the online casino and players.
  • Wisegambler does not charge its users in any form. There is no money being exchanged through Wisegambler.
  • Fair Gaming is essential at Wisegambler
  • Wisegambler offers top communication as fast as possible

Join Wisegambler Advertising

  • All payments made are on top of the existing commission.
  • If you would like to submit your online casino to Wisegambler, the cost will be determined by the package chosen.
  • Once payments have been made, Wisegambler will add the site within 3 working days.
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