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Learn all about Ukash and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. Ukash is used by thousands of vendors worldwide. In the gaming industry they are known for providing safe and secure services.

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Ukash is used by thousands of vendors worldwide. In the gaming industry, they are known for providing safe and secure services.

Who or What is Ukash?

They are known as one of the leading online payment methods the internet community has come to know. The company has its roots from a UK based financial service provider established in 2005.

Prized by many, this online financial service offers clients the best ways forward for online casino players to fund their casino account, without the hassles of providing personal data and other private information. This is a big advantage indeed as this system work like pre-paid vouchers.

What this means for customers using this internet payment method is that you can choose how much money to be stored in your prepaid voucher, plus services essentially change cash money into ‘e-money’ which can be used to make online payments!

In one-word Ukash offers clients rapidity, as a result, you can jump straight to business. Ukash has no limits, they are accepted by web shops and many other kinds of businesses that take online payments, besides online casinos.

They are available in over 50 countries accepting their local currencies. If you are looking for a reliable travelling partner, they take your funds almost anywhere across the earth and should you find yourself country hopping where different currencies are being used, they will be there for you. Just log on to the website and use the available conversion tool.

Why choose Ukash?

There are plenty of advantages of using Ukash to make payments, with the main focus of this discussion being online casinos. Take for instance:

  • Today more than ever, time is money and Ukash offers instant payments with virtually zero delay between depositing and money reflecting on the other end
  • When compared to traditional methods such as banking methods, this is a much safer alternative as you do not need to provide sensitive information such as credit details for example
  • Then you also have the issue of privacy, payments made using Ukash are completely anonymous from the point of voucher purchase to money deposit or transferal
  • As you select the amount to load your voucher, spending is limited and under your control

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