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Learn all about Trustly and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. Formerly recognized as InstantBank, officially founded in 2008 from a Swedish online banking solution currently located in Stockholm.

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Who is Trustly

Trustly, formerly recognized as InstantBank, officially founded in 2008 from a Swedish online banking solution currently located in Stockholm. Sweden and subunits stay situated in Spain and Malta.

An online banking service provider that uses modern devices such as smartphones and tablets which obviously have a large audience. Their target audience focuses on the European continent with around 50 million clients. This is due to blending with numerous banks from European countries.

Why use Trustly

“One hundred years ago, cash was king. People got paid in cash, carried it in their wallets, and bought things with it at the local store. Payment was easy” – a quote taken directly from the website.

Times have changed with the intervention of online banking. Your salary gets delivered directly to your personal account, therefore why not make payments to merchants all around the world a straightforward affair?

Whether a merchant, a bank or consumer alike, the services of Trustly ensure safe and simple, fast and cost-efficient online money transfers via the internet using your regular banking account.

Services provided by this online banking institution eliminates the middleman. And all levies created debit cards, e-wallets, credit cards, invoices and cash on delivery services, plus all the undesirables that come with such parties.

Additionally, they have taken online banking an extra step forward. This online banking service lets clients make payment to other parties without using the website, a remarkable difference from most online banking service providers.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Trustly

Clients who choose to use the services of Trustly can benefit from instant money transfers from their account to merchants and also online casinos. Additionally, transfers are anonymous protecting your identity therefore very secure.

Trustly eliminates the need to register with some third parties because using your own account is also supported by mobile devices. However, Trustly is available to players using banks that operate in conjunction with their services.

However, with the exception of players not interested in making instant payments. You can also avoid transfer fee bank charges when making deposits or withdrawals.

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