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Learn all about Sofortüberweisung and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. If you are looking for leaders in direct payment methods that Germany has to offer, Sofort is certainly a contender for that title.

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Who is Sofortüberweisung Banking

If you are looking for leaders in direct payment methods that Germany has to offer, Sofortüberweisung is certainly a contender for that title. As a matter of fact, this company has come to be acknowledged as the number 1 internet payment method in Germany.

Sofortüberweisung GmbH was founded in 2005, at the beginning under the name Payment Network and today recognized as Sofort.

As the FairyTale goes, they began from the need in the German market for a safe and reliable way for people to make online payments. An idea originating from two IT-engineers. This real-time online payment is the perfect option to make deposits to accounts.

And they are now active in over 8 other European countries including some of the following; Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. Over 25 000 web shops and online entities accept payments made by them. Approximating to an amount well over 2 million payment transactions on a monthly basis.

What is Sofortüberweisung Banking

As briefly mentioned, this is a real-time online payment method that acts as a middleman. Therefore, none of your personal information is compromised during a deposition process. The recipient will not receive personal information, consequently, you remain anonymous. Since the beginning (2005) – to date, there hasn’t been a leak of any customer.

A true testament of solid reliability made possible by using the clever two-layer security measures comprising of a PIN-code, password/username, of the depositor in combination with a transaction Authentication Number, as known as a TAN-code.

Why use Sofortüberweisung

Unless you are already a Sofortüberweisung Banking user, you might not be fully aware of the benefits of using this online payment method. Firstly, online casino players benefit from using them because you can withdraw from the casino!

All you need to do is alert the online casino in question to withdrawing. However, you may only make withdrawals if you have deposited to the same service. The deposit and withdrawal process are both similar.

Other benefits of using Sofortüberweisung Banking include the following;

  • Anyone with an online banking account at a bank connected to Sofortüberweisung can use the service. It’s done without opening an account or registering at Sofortüberweisung.
  • Transactions, whether deposits or withdrawals remain completely secure as none of your personal information gets exchanged between the player and the casino or customer to the service provider.
  • No delay involved in the deposit or withdrawal process on either your casino account or your bank account, therefore payments stay instant.

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