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Looking for an awesome mobile payment solution? Siru Mobile is the one you want! Enjoy great mobile payments of up to €300 monthly. Take a look at our top online casinos that accept this Payment Method.

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Siru Mobile is a real-time payment system that you can use to make payments by simply using your bile device and sim card. It ultimately adds payment charges to your mobile phone bill. The service is offered in different countries including the UK, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Siru Mobile is a mobile gateway or a bridge that connect players wanting to deposit money with their mobile device and the casino they want to play on. This is a cloud-based payment solution which allows payments from any device with a sim card.

There is a massive selection of online casinos that accept this payment method. Here at Wisegambler, we have made a list of the best casinos that accept this payment option.

History and About us of Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile began as a tech startup company in 2011. It began because they found the need to fill a gap in the mobile payments market. They thought a great solution would be to enable mobile payment options for people in various countries. Siru Mobile is a cloud-based payment option based in Helsinki, Finland but has local offices in a variety of other countries.

They offer fast payment technology and employ over 30 high-level employees that have a massive knowledge of a variety of solutions for mobile payments.

How to Use Siru Mobile at an Online Casino

Using Siru Mobile is super simple. When playing at your online casino of choice you simply need to choose Siru Mobile as the payment method, choose how much you want to deposit, click on the confirm payment option and you are done!

You as a player will then be charged to your mobile phone bill using providers such as DNA, Elisa, Telia, Vodafone, Orange, T Mobile and more. All you need is to ensure you can receive an SMS to your mobile device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Siru Mobile

Making use of Siru mobile comes with a number of advantages including complete security as confidential information goes through Siru. It is also safer because it protects from unwanted behaviour and includes a blocking system for possible credit losses.

Payments are done in real time which means no waiting for any money to reflect anywhere you use it.

Play Today and Pay Later with Siru Mobile

The great benefit of this payment method is that you can play now and pay later thanks to the amounts being added to your phone bill at the end of the month. All you need to be sure of is that you have a mobile phone number on a contract subscription and the casino you play on accepts the Siru Mobile option.

Siru Mobile Availability offers advantages including the fact that it is a funding method that is widely available in a variety of countries. The process is extremely fast and easy to complete which makes payments convenient right from your smartphone.

Players can also enjoy reports to track your spending, you can enjoy complete security and additional security protocols you can opt in to.

The only real disadvantage of this method is that the transfers are limited, you can only use up to €300 over 30 days so if you are a high roller player, this method won’t be suitable for you!

General questions about Siru Mobile

People might have a few questions regarding Siru Mobile and so we thought we would give you some answers to commonly asked questions.

  1. Where can you use the Siru Mobile payment method? You can use it in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK for now but will probably spread to more countries in the new future.
  2. Are there any fees involved in this method? Some mobile service providers might have some fees, however, in general this is not the case. Also, bear in mind you cannot use this method for more than €300 a month.
  3. Do you need to sign up for this method? No, all you need to do is provide your mobile number and they do the rest for you.
  4. Can you withdraw winnings with this method? No, you cannot withdraw any funds using this method due to it being on your mobile device subscription, your carriers are not responsible for making payments here.

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