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Learn all about POLi and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. POLi payments is an Australian online payment method. Their internet banking was established in 2006 for the purpose of providing secure online transactions.

What are POLi payments

this is an Australian online payment method. Their internet banking was established in 2006 for the purpose of providing secure online transactions of goods and services. These are much easier and more convenient than the not so convenient credit or debit card.

Owned by the Melbourne based company Centricom Pty.Ltd. They have received a service award for the title of ‘Payment Provider of the year’ at the very first e-Gaming Review Awards for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Why choose POLi payments

This offer clients looking to make online payments safe, the safety they deserve. Security with this online payment option is the number one priority and showers their understanding of such claims by installing strict protocols.

For example, no sensitive customer information such as internet banking usernames and PINs are stored on their website. Transactions marked with POLi payments take place using HTTPS transport-level security, therefore, no information or banking credentials can get accessed or stored during such time.

Security experts also claim this internet banking has adopted the best practice in physical, network and application security. Additionally, severe protocols apply to ensure all transactional details provided by the merchant are validated against those within the internet banking session. For the purpose of preventing transactional alterations.

Committed to its word, Security-Assessment.com serves as an independent auditing firm ensuring this internet banking remains true to its commitment to top quality security services. Other benefits of using them also include the following:

  • No charges for customers using this service
  • No need to use credit cards for making payments, just use an internet banking account, therefore, providing a seamless and secure payment experience by connecting you to your bank minus the registration
  • POLi payments also offer instant receipts and immediate confirmation of payments
  • Autofill options allow for fast and easy payments
  • Great online casinos accept the POLi banking method

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