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Learn all about FundSend and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. This is a fairly small but efficient online payment service.

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Who is FundSend

It is a fairly small but efficient online payment service, privately owned by the England based company Fund Movement Ltd. They provide online money transfer solutions through the convenience of a credit card and e-wallet while avoiding disclosure of their client’s personal data to third parties.

Controlled and regulated by the UK Financial Services, popular for adhering to strict and stringent rules on financial services providing institutions. Such stringent regulations ensure proper and fair practices for all UK based banking service providers holding an FSA license, it protects the consumer and all parties involved.

What is FundSendcontrol

As hinted upon, FundSend is a payment solution (linked to the customer’s account) which provides customers with the simple option of using their own credit/debit card such as Visa or MasterCard Credit card to make payments. You can imagine FundSend to act as a safeguard between you (the payer) and the recipient of the payment.

The client benefits from such a transaction by having his or her details safely hidden to the knowledge of the recipient, therefore transactions are completely anonymous. As a small company aiming at cutting operation costs (without sacrificing on high-quality technologies and services) they are only available to the selected few countries below:

  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • France
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Spain

Customers interested in the service they provide, don’t have to register in order to make online payments. Registration is unnecessary, therefore safer for FundSend using clients. These users make transfers using the following procedure:

On the selected online casino website, the client should refer to the payment page. Once you have entered the FundSend page enter the balance amount needed to settle the transaction.

Enter the required personal and credit card data and expect another window to pop-up showing the complete transaction data. Have a double check of the payment information before confirming the immediate transfer of money to the account of the recipient. Both the payer and recipient will receive payment confirmation in real time.

Benefits of using FundSend

The benefits of using FundSend are apparently obvious for customers that intend to use this payment method to make transactions with online casinos, as most will accept this payment method.

As stated previously, transactions remain anonymous, your personal data remains hidden to any third party. You don’t have to disclose sensitive credit/debit details. If timing is of the essence, FundSend provides instant transactions that are simple and easy to undertake. Services fees charged by FundSend are highly competitive compared to other service providers.

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