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Learn all about EPS and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. EPS stands for ‘e-Payments Standard’ and is a form of internet banking offering a platform for over 2,5 million Austrian customers.

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Who is EPS

It stands for ‘e-Payments Standard’ and is a form of internet banking offering a platform for over 2,5 million Austrian customers. In addition, EPS is based in Austria, Vienna operating as an online money transactional service provider.

They are also a development of the STUZZA electronic payment technology company. STUZZA began in 1991 as a joint venue with the purpose of integrating with more than 25 Austrian banks.

All banks participate, therefore, allowing their clients with an internet banking account to use the service for online payments. This, in addition, allowed integrations with Austrian government in order to provide people with a complete service. Also, by providing Austrian clients with EPS by STUZZA, their main objective is the reduction of the costs of payment transfers.

This is done by increasing the application of automation whilst improving the services for the customers. In 2013, EPS payments accepted by 80% of the Austrian web shops. They remain the official payment method for Austrian eGovernment.

What is EPS

As briefly mentioned, this is a money transfer service from which the customer can make online payments using their own internet banking account. In doing so, the client can make online payments to numerous web shops and online service providers including online casinos. However, it is only available to Austrian citizens. The following are procedures exampling how to carry out such payments:

Should you find yourself playing on your favourite online casino and need to finalize payments, you simply select the EPS on the website’s payment page. Then selecting the bank payment. It will redirect payments to the clients’ account/ own internet banking system.

After you have successfully logged into your own internet banking account, you the payer may carry out the trusted payment procedure (using account number, PIN and card reader for authentication and the TAN for confirmation).

Once the transaction has been completed, you (the payer) will be redirected back to the online casino where both you along with the beneficiary will in real time receive a statement of the concluded transaction that serves as a payment receipt.

Benefits of using EPS

There are numerous advantages as to why an Austrian client would prefer using the services of EPS. Firstly, most reputable online casinos accept payments from them, in addition to providing free service fees. Secondly, if you are looking for quick and instant payments, you cannot go wrong with EPS.

More advantages include the fact that no personal information whatsoever exchanged between the payer and the recipient payments. Therefore, as you can gather transactions stay absolutely anonymous.

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