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Learn all about Ekonto and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. Ekonto is a type of internet banking which was established in 2008. And is exclusively available to Czech citizens.

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Who is Ekonto?

First of all, Ekonto is a type of internet banking which was established in 2008. And is exclusively available to Czech citizens, even though it is owned by Austria based Raiffeisen Bank.

This bank is a distinguished financial institution with invaluable experiences created over 140 years. Therefore, can easily be considered one of the best online payment options for Czech based players.  In addition, Ekonto is members of the Coalition for Transparent Business (2011).

This coalition brings together over twenty Czech and international companies across various sectors. Being part of such a coalition means that all persons should also share the same ethical values and want to contribute to the creation of cultivated and transparent environments not only in the field of public procurement but in all sectors.

Overall, this is a great banking method for all in addition to being a great method for online casinos.

What is Ekonto

As briefly stated above, Ekonto is a kind of internet banking that also allows the holders to manage their finances via internet banking. Also, officially dubbed as the flagship payment option from the Raiffeisen Bank. Especially relevant, the account gets attached to your savings account with an attractive interest rate on top of fantastic and exclusive rewards given to bankers.

Raiffeisen Bank has 120 branches across the Czech Republic, therefore, finding a location to open an account should be readily available in your area.  Once you have opened an account, you will receive 3 online payment solutions following below:

  • Direct banking – this banking option features internet banking, phone, GSM, PDA banking in addition to conditional reports
  • Shopping over the web – this feature allows the banker to make direct payments to online web shops, online gaming websites, internet entrepreneurs also online service providers via the Ekonto option located on the merchant’s website.
  • Debit payment cards: This system also links with VISA Electron and Maestro, VISA Classic and MasterCard Standard. Also, VISA Gold and MasterCard Gold and MasterCard InternetCard for transaction purposes.

Benefits of using Ekonto

In addition, Ekonto links in numerous fashions to carry out the quickest transfers, with amounts received within minutes. Also, the amount is deducted in real time from the payers' account. In addition, complementing the instant money transfer are safety measures.

They use data encryption which results in a safe transactional environment as to normal Raiffeisen Bank Transfer. For this reason, Ekonto has become one of the most popular payment methods. Accepted by various online shopping businesses and most online casinos.

As for online casino players, this can help players manage and control their casino expenses by never spending more than the loaded amount. Finally, the transfer process is quick; also the client simply verifies and confirms the pre-filled payment form which will immediately transfer the funds to the receiving party.

What’s more, payments are completely anonymous in addition to many online casinos accept this payment method! In conclusion, the main advantage of eKonto Smart is that common banking services are free of charge for active users.

Also, there is account management in up to 9 currencies and you can get an unlimited number of domestic electronic payments FREE OF CHARGE!

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