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Learn all about Dineromail and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. They began in 2003 with a focus on the Latin American Market.

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Who is DineroMail

DineroMail began founded in 2003 with a focus on the Latin American Market particularly Chileans, Brazilians and Argentinians, but not limited to those countries. Most continents seem to have their own lists of online service providers and Latin America isn’t an exception.

This system began in the Latin-speaking community in mind, Portuguese and Spanish to be frank, to facilitate the payments of large sums of money made through DineroMail. The services provided by are especially for players looking to make online payments such as transferring money to and from an online casino account.

What is DineroMail

As briefly mentioned, DineroMail is an online payment platform that operates in 4 different ways to benefit the users, however, this will depend on the country. This system benefits the depositor by allowing cash deposits.

The receipt with a barcode must be printed out that has to be paid with cash at a retailer that accepts these deposits. Make a credit/debit card deposit with the usual data such as card number, card expiring date, CVC code etc.

An e-wallet is a free account that should be opened and funds must be inserted into the wallet. To make an online payment you need to provide the e-wallet data after which the reimbursement happens straightaway.

And fourthly, by bank transfer. The depositor must provide their bank account details, they will then go to the internet banking environment. Or to one of the many local banks or bank transferring methods where you can make the transaction. The services open numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to offer a variety of payment options for business or personal ventures.

Advantages of using DineroMail

Clients of DineroMail can benefit from the following advantages below:

  • They use a 128-bit SSL encryption for the transfers. A very popular technology trusted by numerous online businesses including government organisations; therefore, you can trust transactions to be safe and anonymous, in addition to being instant.
  • You do not require fees to open an account
  • Find numerous methods to fund your account and used to upload funds to other debit cards, pre-paid cards and e-wallets
  • DineroMail provides great transaction methods for online casino players

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