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Selecting the right Casino is crucial for those who want to make use of bitcoin when playing at online casinos.

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Best Bitcoin Casino

Selecting the right Casino is crucial for those who want to make use of bitcoin when playing at online casinos. With this currency offering anonymity and no regulations, this payment method allows for great online casinos, but also can create a gap for uncertainty and dangerous practices. This is why at Wisegambler we do all the research into finding you the best and most dependable casinos around.

A digital currency like this has created a pathway for more players to enjoy playing at online casinos. There are approximately 5 million users worldwide and is growing in strength. While the market can drop and rise, overall this digital currency seems to be a way forward for many! It is changing the way we think about money and the way we understand the online world!

Many online casinos across the globe have noticed this payment method and are quickly making changes to provide players with this as a financial option. There are plenty of advantages for both the player and the online casino!

Casinos That Accept Bitcoins

There are plenty of cool online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Some even cater their services just for Bitcoin! First things first, if you want to make use of this as a payment method you need to set up a wallet.

Once this is done you need to buy the amount of digital currency you want. When you are ready you can choose them as your payment method at the online casino and get ready to play! We suggest some great online casinos that accept Bitcoin so that you can play without worry or doubts.

Bitcoin sport betting sites

Another great way the world is evolving is by using Bitcoin at sportsbooks as well. This helps you make the bets you want easier and faster. You can wager on all your favourite sports! The top Sportsbooks include:

  • Cloudbet sports – This is a comprehensive betting site that offers you a wide selection of games to bet on. they offer amazing odds and are extremely competitive compared to other online sports betting sites.
  • Betcoin sports – This great site offers so many amazing betting options. They have one of the largest sports selections and also offer some of the best odds in the industry!
  • Nitrogen Sports – Enjoy a sports betting site with no fees, straight betting and much more! They have a great eSports selection and have many great promotions to give you a little something extra.
  • Sportsbet – Sportsbet offers some of the best sports leagues in the world. They offer tons of different betting options and odds that are better than almost all Bitcoin sportsbooks. They also offer a money back guarantee on certain events and offer 24/7 support for all!

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

The advantages of Bitcoin Casino are endless! They have so many amazing advantages that you won’t want to miss! It is fast and easy to use, all you need is an account in order to play at the best casinos. Here are some great advantages:

  • No Transaction Fees – Probably one of the best benefits is that it is completely free from transaction fees. Many online casinos charge up to 20% transaction fee when you make a deposit or withdrawal. While there is no transaction fee, the most you can expect is a 30-cent processing charge as the worst-case scenario.
  • Payments are Direct – You do not need a middleman or third party to process your funds. It is instant, and transactions are free. Gone are the days of relying on the bank to transfer funds.
  • It offers more security – This is a cryptocurrency which means that all transactions is almost anonymous. This also means that when playing at a Casino you can do so from any country as the regulations are not applied to a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin also makes use of the Secure Hash Algorithm which means casinos that make use of this payment method are provably fair casinos.

Where can you get bitcoins?

The best way to buy Bitcoin is through the exchange. All you need to do is make use of Google to find sites to buy Bitcoins. It’s pretty easy to buy, all you have to do is deposit an amount using your debit or credit card.

You can also use Bank Wire Transfer and PayPal. Once you have made your deposit you can choose the exchange button which will exchange your money into bitcoins in your wallet.

You can also make use of some online casinos that allow you to receive free bitcoins when making a deposit at the casino. while it won’t be a massive amount, it’s a great way to get started at Casinos!

The Bitcoin Digital Currency

Bitcoin was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It’s a cryptocurrency that allows you to send and receive payments almost anonymously with no bank fees. It works without a central bank system and makes use of no intermediaries. Its also known as mining as it can be exchanged for tons of different currencies, products, and services.

Bitcoin Casinos and Fair Gambling

Bitcoin offers something that no other gaming method does and that is fair gaming. This offers a way for players to test that the casinos are truly offering you fair gambling. How is this possible? It’s quite a complicated and detailed process but in simple terms, there are three factors that create fair gambling at casinos and that is the server seed, the client seed, and the nonce.

Encryption takes place on both the server and client seed. The server seed is created by the online casino, while the client seed by your browser. Every time you make a bet the server needs to increase in order to give different results.

In order to test these things, you can use the has calculator to get the hash of the unhashed server seed. You also need to check fairness, and you can do this by using the provably fair verifier that checks the rolls after each bet. This system allows you as the player a chance to verify that rolls are real and haven’t been tampered with.

Checking licenses and reliability of Bitcoin Casinos

Even though Bitcoin Casinos offer provably fair gaming, not all of them are honest. You need to make sure that the casino is well licensed. If you are unsure as to which casinos to trust, then take a look at our Casinos before making a decision. We cover various aspects to make sure you get everything you need from a Bitcoin Casino!

Safety of depositing using Bitcoin

Depositing using Bitcoin should be 100% secure. However, you need to make sure you are using a trustworthy casino, otherwise no, you won’t be safe. Important steps for first-time users at Online casinos include:

  • Deposit money into your Bitcoin account
  • Create an account at the Online Casino of your choice
  • Make a deposit using the bitcoin option and wait for confirmation that the amount has successfully been deposited.

Deposit Information at Bitcoin Casinos

At many online casinos, there is a minimum amount you need to deposit. Most of the times the minimum deposit they require is 0.0001 BTC and can be measured differently.

Obviously in order to receive a Bitcoin bonus you need to have an account and even deposit some of your own currency, just the way you would if you did it with real money.

Bitcoin Casinos FAQs

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Bitcoin Casinos

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