Bancontact Mister Cash

Learn all about Bancontact Mister Cash and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. Bancontact Mister Cash is one of the leading electronic payment services in the Belgian market.

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Who is Bancontact Mister Cash

Bancontact Mister Cash is one of the leading electronic payment services in the Belgian market. They have been providing customers with smooth and secure payment processes since for decades. Bancontact and Mister Cash were originally two different, two distinct and non-compatible banking systems, however, they merged towards the end of the eighties becoming one single banking method that we recognize today.

However, online payments via the internet only emerged in 2006. Their payment methods are widely used and popular in Belgian households for providing services including online casinos, the focus is on the following means;

Framework regulates how money transfers from the payers account to the receiver's account. For a cardholder, all transfers gather by the issuer (the bank that issued the bank card). For the business, this is done through their payment terminal supplier or online payment solution provider.

Most noteworthy, such a framework works in a 3-step process, firstly there is a verification process which the customer must enter their pin. Also, the card holder’s account balance must have sufficient funds to cover the payments. And the second involves a calculation process, hence financial information between the issuer and recipient is exchanged. Furthermore, the final stage proceeds to the actual payment.

What is Bancontact Mister Cash

First of all, this system can be seen as a direct online banking system and involves the functionalities that refer to the use of a credit card. In addition, this physical card issued by numerous Belgian banks only available for clients with a Belgian banking account.

Also, with this card, you can make online payments to thousands of shops in Belgium and many other online stores that accept this card. It is a combination of an ATM card and an internet banking system, offering different payment methods.

How to make payments with Bancontact Mister Cash

Making payments with this card is simple and similar to that of making a credit card payment. Most will be familiar with this. While all a customer needs to do after selecting Bancontact Mister Cash as the desired payment method is provide his or her name just as identified on the card. Then, fill in the date of expiry of the card and the 3 or 4 digit CVC security code on the back of the card. In conclusion, the way to make payments is simple!

Advantages of using Bancontact Mister Cash

Belgian clients interested in Bancontact Mister Cash will be pleased to learn the following benefits of using this service:

  • Bancontact Mister Cash deposits carried out by (encrypted) codes, therefore, an objectively anonymous payment method.
  • This payment system is considered as safe as a conventional bank transfer
  • Also, there is virtually zero waiting time in completing the depositing procedure
  • Numerous online casinos accept payments using Bancontact Mister Cash

Overall, if you want to use this as your banking method then you can do so simply.

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