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Learn all about Abaqoos and Online Casinos that accept it as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. This is an online payment service provider (similar to the popular e-wallet payment system) based in Hungary.

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Who is Abaqoos?

Abaqoos is an online payment service provider (similar to the popular e-wallet payment system) based in Hungary. Owned by the Budapest based E Group. This is an IT and financial service providing businesses with its main market in Hungary. However, they do provide its services to other European nations and crossing continents towards Asia and the United States.

Also, this system is ideal for players looking for means to deposit or withdraw from online casinos. The system is in association with 8 Hungarian banks. Including the Unicredit bank Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, Erste Bank, KH Bank, MKB Bank, OTP Bank, and Raiffeisen Bank. Customers can use their systems to organize online money transactions, therefore making it the perfect payment solution for Hungarian players.

What is Abaqoos

Abaqoos is an online payment system that sits under the category of Virtual Wallet payment type. Different and yet comparable to an e-wallet. They make a distinction between the e-wallet and Abaqoos Voucher.

The e-wallet is made only available to players with a bank account at OTP Bank with an OTPdirekt bank account variation. Potential customers do not require a sign-up fee for the systems provided on their website. However, a purpose for the account must be stated during the registration process.

After registration, the user will receive a unique voucher or virtual account with a username and password. You can upload funds in two ways;

  • Using one of the 8 banks to make a cash deposit
  • Or via online bank transfer from the customer’s bank to the account of the Abaqoos voucher holder.

Whether making cash or online transfers, it is advisable for the client to use the Abaqoos bank account or at the bank they require the cash deposit from in order to avoid any transaction delays.

As a result, such deposit transactions take a short period of 5 minutes to get credit where else the banking transfer time will depend on the bank used and time of deposit. Also, bear in mind that these payments stay limited to and only accepted by online gaming websites and by the Hungarian cultural event tickets selling website Jegymester.

Benefits of using Abaqoos

Similar to most e-wallets, Abaqoos payments methods are anonymous therefore very safe as no personal or banking data is shared with the receiver of the payment.

If you don’t have time to wait, then this is the service for you – fast, within seconds your deposit will be available in the casino account. Also, end-users don’t pay for their services and lastly, this payment method could come in very handy for online casino deposits by many players.

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