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If you are looking for brand new online casinos on a regular basis then you have come to the right place! We keep you updated on the newest online casinos and the bonuses they have to offer with our exclusive reviews.

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New online casinos 2019

There are just so many casinos out there and who knows which one to choose? New casinos come out regularly and existing ones are also up for the taking. So how do you know which one to choose? Don’t worry, this is why we are here! Being a wise gambler, we know which casinos are best for you. we keep an eye out for the best new online casinos and for which ones will best suit you! We continuously find really cool brands and know that you will love some of our choices for 2019.

The best ways to find Recently Launched Casinos

Trying to work your way through the maze of casinos can prove difficult. That’s why we dedicate all of our time in providing you with a list of the best new online casinos in 2019. They are safe and fair, with the coolest features around. we would love it if you could join us on our journey and be one of the first who gets to test out some of the newest and best casinos around. our name says it all – Wisegambler. We want to provide you with great gaming, but by being wise we want to ensure you remain safe and secure while playing as well. This is why we rate the casinos and give guidance points on what is important to look out for at the new casinos in 2019.

If you want to keep us in your back pocket, why not add us a bookmark on your browser, this will enable you to check anything you need at any time! you will also be able to stay informed with all the new news and information that is released regularly when it comes to new casinos and their bonuses!

Advantages of a new online casino

Bear in mind, especially in the cases of online casinos, that new does necessarily mean better. There are numerous advantages from being a well-established online casino. Take the following advantages that a new online could not dream of establishing. For starters, established casinos have gained an invaluable customer and technical experiences that new online casinos may not have had yet. Established casinos may work quicker in many departments from game issues to payments. This is because they have a more fluent understanding of the industry and the problems that may come with it.

However, it’s not all bad news for new casinos. There are always two sides of a coin and as a matter of fact, a serious casino will see this as a chance to outplay established online casinos. Here are some of the tricks new online casinos may have under their sleeves:

  • You can expect significant benefits in regard to player loyalty and bonus opportunities when picking a new UK casino
  • As one of the newest clients could result in favourable treatment in forms of fantastic bonuses and priority support.
  • You might even become part of the VIP program in honour of being one of the first customers

Nevertheless, not all new casinos are new. Simply meaning that older casinos may meet new stringent requirements set by the UK Online casino license body. Therefore making them a new UK casino per definition. Positively that means such casinos have the necessary experience to efficiently handle any and all player requests.

What do new casinos mean and who is responsible for new casinos?

A new casino means that you are experiencing a new type of style of the casino. Each new casino that comes out focuses on something different to cater to different audiences. This allows people of all backgrounds and styles to find something they can enjoy. It’s also done to let everyone try something different and have more fun. Why choose an old outdated casino, when you can choose something new and fun that suits your personality?

Being able to start your own casino is a big job! You need to have years of experience and understanding when it comes to casinos. Many times, companies who already have online casinos can see a gap in the market and because they already have all the recourses they are able to easily provide you what you need. For those starting from scratch, it can be quite challenging and that’s why we see a lot of new online casinos fail. The ones that do it right from the start, however, can really do well and become one of the best. Its all about planning!

Another great way to begin a new online casino is to rebrand where you get something new but with the trust of the old. Or, already existing gaming companies buying out others to better their portfolio. There are many ways to do it, we just want to make sure you get to experience the best!

Advantages and Disadvantages of New Online Casinos

The main advantage of a new casino is that you get something new that normally hasn’t been done before. Another advantage is because the casino is new they will try and compete with the rest, hence better bonuses, quicker support and a better casino experience in general. As a player, you will be able to test out casinos and if you don’t like it you can move on, that is why new casinos have to come with their A-game, otherwise, they can lose a lot of players by not being on the ball!

There are a few disadvantages, but they really are few. One main disadvantage might be perceived as not being in the industry as long as others. But, what people don’t realise is that many new online casinos are backed by people that have years if not decades of experience just wanting to give you a new product to enjoy.

Overall, new online casinos really are a great way to stay competitive and have more fun. This is why we are here to analyse each and every new online casino that walks through our doors to ensure you get all the information you need before beginning your journey!

Why Play at New Online Casinos?

Being a new casino, they want to try harder. They need to keep you as a player in order to survive, without you there is no them. when a casino is new or smaller, they can really take more of their time to focus on you. when a casino is too big or quite a bit older, they don’t have to work as hard because they have massive databases of players, which can make you feel like just another fish in the sea. Whereas, a new casino is ready to do whatever they can for their players to stay satisfied.

For example, what experience would you prefer? A nice small take away place that makes you feel good and knows exactly what you enjoy, or a massive fast food chain who really doesn’t care what you want.

It’s really important, however, to know which new online casino to choose. A good aspect of the new online casinos is that you know that 9 times out of 10 you will be well looked after. Important aspects for many players are having 24/7 support or support that is there when you need them and can help you resolve any issues you have easily and quickly. Perhaps as a player, you want someone who can deal with your banking quickly, whatever it is we have a new casino that’s right for you!

New Casinos look after you

What is it that makes you as a player stay at a casino? is it their bonuses? or their unwavering support? Maybe it's their loyalty programs that can make us feel special. A loyalty program or VIP program is an old concept that makes many people happy. This because you get something back from the casino when you play and spend your money at the casino. you get different rewards to form the casino such as free spins, extra bonuses and some exclusive offers just for you.

If you are a player that tends to spend quite a bit more at the casino you can fall under the VIP program. This means you get a dedicated account manager that will take care of all of your needs. They can set up exclusive bonuses just for you and shower you with some extra freebies to keep you happy.

Many new online casinos have come up with great ideas to give you bonuses over and above what you would normally get. From magic spells to special wheels, they are coming up with some great ideas. A cool example is the magic spells at VoodooDreams, you can unlock different magic when you reach certain levels and each magic offers different bonuses including blood magic (get free spins on your next deposit), dark magic (get a small deposit bonus), light magic (get a large deposit bonus) and spirit magic (get cash free from wagering and deposits).

The Best Bonuses

There are many new online casinos in 2019 and they will just keep coming. Competition becomes more and more difficult as they are released, hence the better bonuses. As a casino player, you want to know the bonus you get is the best one to suit you!

Deposit Bonuses vs Free Spins at New Casinos

What do you prefer? Free spins or cash bonuses through deposit bonuses? In our opinion, to get the most value from a casino, the deposit bonuses are the better option. This is because you get a lot more value for your deposit. If you see casinos that offer more than 10% bonuses on your first deposit, this can be the best option for many. They are quite common as well, you just need to keep an eye open for it. Depending on how many free spins you get from a casino can really determine their value. If you get a small amount the deposit bonus would be the obvious choice.

Some casinos can even give you both, you just need to know what you prefer! At WiseGambler, we want to guide you through your choices so, on the site, you will easily be able to filter between the casinos and the bonuses they have to offer.

New 2019 Casinos and Their bonuses

How can new online casinos stand out from the rest? For many of us, it's all about the casino bonus! Getting the right bonus is crucial for our needs. That’s why if a new casino comes out with a bonus that is better than our already existing account or something we have never seen before, this is what can help them stand out. Whether you have no casino accounts or whether you have 50 when you join a new casino you get the chance to start from the beginning and on a fresh slate!

About New Casinos at WiseGambler

At WiseGambler, we add new casinos on a regular basis. This helps you stay up to date with the newest and latest information on casinos and what they have to offer including bonuses and more. If you want to read detailed reviews on new online casinos, then you have come to the right place!

All the new casinos you see on our site go through a rigorous process of testing before we put them up for you to see. This way you as a player know what you are getting into when it comes to bonuses, games, security, payments, customer support and so much more!

When you are looking for a new casino, always make sure to check all the important information and t&cs. there are many new casinos that are offering exclusive bonuses due to them recently having opened their doors. If you are looking for a casino to give you the best bang for your buck, then you can take a look right here!

If you would like to stay even more up to date, then join our newsletter, where you will get access to the best bonuses including exclusive bonuses just for our readers!

Mobile Versions at New Online Casinos

Are you a person who is constantly on their mobile device? What we know is that our site and all the casinos on it are fully mobile responsive, so you can enjoy our services sitting at home or on the go. Gone are the days where you need to zoom in and out just to see what you are looking for. We have made sure to adapt our site so no matter what device you are on, the site is easy to use!

A cool bonus at online casinos includes them taking the next step of mobile by creating their very own app to make it even easier for you to play. These are the best when it comes to reliability and stability, however, at the end of the day, the choice is yours! So, for all your mobile needs, take a look at our mobile-friendly casinos today!

Can You win on a progressive Jackpot at a new online casino?

You very much can! However, you should not rely on a casino to make any form of income. When it comes to progressive jackpots, you need to know that these are not coming from the casino, but from a casino software provider, which means players at all types of online casinos are playing these games, this means the jackpot gets bigger and offers a much larger win when playing at the casino.

No Deposit Bonuses at New Online Casinos 2019

For many, a no deposit bonus is a great way to test out a new online casino to see if its where you want to play. Many think that these bonuses come with problems such as high wagering requirements, however, you can find a few casinos that offer great no deposit bonuses with no hidden costs. There are different types of no deposit bonuses, with the main one being some added no deposit free spins. However, you can find the casino offers some free cash to try out as well.

You Won from a No Deposit Bonus, can you Withdraw Your Winnings?

Yes, you can, however, it all depends on the online casino. some give you wagering requirements that you need to complete in order to withdraw. And others don’t. it all depends on the terms and conditions. Also, some online casinos have a limit of how much you can withdraw at a time, so be sure to check what the limits are before you are ready to play and make a withdrawal.

If you would like to learn more about the terms and conditions at a casino, you can read our casino reviews to find out more!

What to look out for when looking for a safe online casino

When it comes to safety, you need to be aware of a few aspects of a casino including deposit and withdrawal methods, banking in general, good customer service and a few more factors. The casinos we have here on our site are completely safe and we go into depth when it comes to checking all the important safety factors at the casino.

2019 Trends at New Online Casinos

2019 can only ever get better than the previous year. new casinos come up with new ideas and concepts to ensure players are happy. This year we have already seen a few cool new online casinos and we can only expect even better yet to come!

Other trends in 2019 are the live casino trend. This is getting bigger and better all the time! Many online casinos are ensuring you get the best and are offering an extensive amount of live games to keep you interacting and having some fun!


Online Casinos Coming Soon 2019

Do you want to know what casinos are coming to players this 2019? Here at Wisegambler we like to keep our audience informed and that’s why we are not only providing you new online casinos and detailed online reviews, but we are also keeping you informed as to new casinos that haven’t even launched yet. The coming soon casino page is for all those cool new casinos that are coming soon!

Looking for Casinos Coming Soon!

How do we look for the right online casinos for you? we go through a strict vetting process of all the casinos that want to walk through our doors. We make sure the new and coming soon casinos we promote fit the Wisegambler brand. They need to be first and foremost reliable and responsible as an online casino. why is this? Due to important legislation, we want to ensure our player is playing in a place that is safe and known for fairness and responsibility!

When we review casinos we ensure they are properly licensed, well maintained, tested by third-party auditors and offer great services for our players.

The best ways to find coming soon casinos

There is no best way of finding coming soon casinos to be honest! What we do is just do our research to make sure we are always up to date with new and upcoming casinos, trends and more! As soon as we know more about new casinos and what’s to come we are immediately typing to tell you about it!

We will review the new casinos from head to toe. We will tell you a small introduction about the casino, their history, what licences they hold and what they can offer. We also inform our players about the great bonuses you can find at the online casino, but more importantly, we tell you the terms and conditions relating to that casino so that you are not left in the dark!

Next up is the games. You can learn about all the cool software providers for the casinos games, plus learn about the categories the casino uses to make it easier for you to find games.

Next up is support! What hours can you contact the casino? what languages can they support you in? how can you contact the casino? do they offer live chat, email, phone or other methods? Does the casino have a FAQ and other information to help you learn more about the casino? these are all very important to us!

Other important criteria for us is the security and banking at the casino. what are their deposit and withdrawal methods? What currencies can you play in? what security do they offer you? this is important to know before you start to play!

Last but not least is the design and style of the site looks like. This helps you decide what kind of look and feel casino you feel like.

Advantages of new casinos and upcoming casinos

Getting to learn about what is coming your way is a great way to make a decision to find what you truly want. Maybe you are waiting for that something special? You can find it here! Advantages of new casinos are of course the great bonus selections and games. Most new casinos live to impress and want you to keep playing so they will do lots for their new players to stay happy!

The Best and Worst of Upcoming Casinos

Theo only bad thing with upcoming casinos is the wait! Sometimes new casinos might make you wait a while before launching to make sure you get the best which can take some time before they go live! No one wants a faulty casino at the start!

As you know bonuses help us all as players to get more bang for our buck and this is why new casinos offer great bonuses! competition in these times can be fierce so the upcoming casinos need to plan to ensure you remain pleased for a long time to come. You can enjoy no deposit bonuses, free spins, added deposit bonuses and regular bonuses to keep you happy for every day of the week!

Mobile Coming Soon Casinos

Mobile is probably the most important aspect of any online casino. almost all of us play games on our phone and want the mobility to go wherever we want and enjoy playing. So, whether you are catching your next flight, or relaxing in bed, you can play your favourite games at your favourite casino.

All upcoming casinos make sure their mobile casino experience is the same if not better for all of the players that join the casino! That’s a massive advantage for all new and upcoming casinos!

Games at Coming Soon Casinos

Coming Soon casinos will make sure you get all the best games! Great slots to start, followed by amazing casino and table games, fantastic live experiences and even more! Games are an important factor at any online casino, because if they don’t have the games you want, no matter how nice the casino is, you won’t want to play there!

2019 Online Casino Trends and Styles

Everything is heading to mobile! that is the most important trend of not only 2019 but many years before and many to come. Other cool trends are the combination of online casinos, live casinos and sports betting sites. We all want simplicity and having everything under one roof is a great way for us to get everything we need without having to go to too many places!

Choose your Casino Wisely

Being wise is important when it comes to the online gaming world. Choosing something that fits your exact needs is possible, so don’t just choose the very first thing you see! Read our reviews see what the style is of the casino, read the terms and conditions, check out the games they have to offer and decide if they are right for you!

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