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Myths vs Facts about Online Casinos and Gambling

As with all areas in life, you have myths and facts about certain topics or things, well the same goes for Online Gambling. So many questions about online casinos, are they save, legal and so much more.

Internet is part of today’s life, from social media to Online Gambling, and if you are interested in Online Gambling but you feel you need more clarity on some of the Online Gambling topics, read on, you might find what you were looking for.

Is Online Gambling Illegal?

There is no doubt that this question is the most asked question when it comes to Online Gambling, so let’s get this one out the way first. Online Gambling does have jurisdictions that regulate all online gambling. The major jurisdictions are located in the United Kingdom (The UK Gambling Commission) and Malta (The Malta Gaming Authority).

You will find that some regions of certain countries do have some grey areas in this regard. The United States can be used as an example, some of the people living in the United States feel or believe that it is illegal to visit an Online Gambling Site.

It is a fact that it is illegal to start or operate an online gambling site without the necessary jurisdictions, this says it all!

Online Gambling Allow Underage Gambling

This cannot be further from the truth. As mentioned in the previous topic, all Online Gambling Sites must have relevant certificates and belong to the correct gambling jurisdiction before they can trait. And one of the regulations of such jurisdictions is to block underage people from gambling.

Upon registering an Online Casino account, you are required to produce your ID document to register, so if you are under the age of 18, there is no way that you will be allowed to even open an Online Casino account, never the less gamble underage!

So, although this is one of the biggest myths about online gambling, you can now be assured that this could not be falser.

Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out

It is safe to say that Online Gambling has been part of the world for more than 20 years and after all these years you will find an odd online casino that does for some reason, not have the correct regulations and certificates. Well, it’s difficult to say what your experience will be at such a site. But if you make sure you choose a reputable casino, you can be guaranteed, that if you win some cash, Online Casinos will pay the winnings out to the winner.

Players Need a Bonus to Win

Most of, or all online casinos offer welcome bonuses or no deposit bonuses, but honestly, this is just to motivate players to join that specific casino, it’s not to say you can only win if a bonus is on offer.

To win some money with online gambling, you deposit your set budget amount and you win some money, no bonuses or promotions needs to be linked to any winnings.

Online Casino Sites are Not Secure

Most people that are interested in Online Gambling have this fear of personal information not being safe and secure with online gambling sites, the money will be removed from private bank accounts or personal information will be leaked. Again, this is also just a myth, all the top gambling sites uses only the latest technology in security software that encrypts all information that needs to be produced to the casino to open an online casino account.

To ensure you choose a safe and reliable online gambling site, make sure to read all the relevant information you need to know before signing up to any online gambling site.

Online Casino Games are Rigged

Some people believe that games are rigged, let’s take the slot machine as an example, some slot machine players believe that slot machines are programmed to either run hot or cold, meaning that the slot machine can be set for such outcomes, this is not true!

All the top online casinos use RNG software, RNG stands for a random number generator, which means whichever game you might be playing, the outcome is generated randomly, there is no human interference, the numbers are chosen randomly. With all this being said, how can casino games be rigged!

You Will End Up Addicted to Gambling

Just because it’s labelled as gambling addiction, it’s not to say, that if you gamble, you will get addicted. No, that is nonsense. Yes, you do find people that suffer from this, it’s true, but it’s not to say it will miraculously catch to you like you catch the flu.

It’s a known fact that gambling addiction is a problem yes, players find it more and more difficult to control their time and finances they allow online. But with all the information available to you, and with each online casino giving you information on gambling addiction, everyone can inform themselves with all this information, to ensure this does not happen, prevention is always better than cure!


It’s a fact that not all people will accept online gambling and will always find something negative to say about it. But they look past the fact that this is just another form of entertainment, whether you go to a brick and mortar casino or you play online, you will always find pros and cons for every single thing in life.

It’s up to each player to do the necessary research before entering the wonderful and entertaining world of Online Gambling. Make your own conclusion after your research, and don’t just believe the first thing you read!

Set your own goals and restrictions, all the information regarding online gambling is freely available. Knowledge about online gambling with most definitely saves you some time and money in the long run.

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