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Ever wondered what lottery really is, and how it works, instead of just dreaming about what you will do when you win the lottery, yes, we all had that dream at some point or another.

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A lottery is actually a form of gambling, it is the drawing of random numbers, if you are lucky enough to get your numbers selected, you can win, whatever the case may be. Some Lotteries are outlawed by their governments and others support the lotto by arranging national and state lotteries.

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The History of Lottery

  • There is a Classical History: It is said that the first recording of any letterings is the keno slips, from the Chinese Han Dynasty, this was recorded between 205 and 187 BC. A European lottery, first known of its kind, was held during the Roman Empire, but this lotto was purely for entertainment at dinner functions. Each guest received a ticket and prizes would be in the form of expensive items. This was purely for fun as each guest was insured to receive a gift, and not like the lottery is today. But the earliest records are from the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, offering lotto tickets on sale. The profit was for the repairs to the City of Rome. Unfortunately for the winners, the received prizes of lesser value.
  • There is a Medieval History: The lotto history of the Medieval times was first recorded as tickets on sale and the prizes were “Money”. This was held in the low countries of the 15th century. Lotteries were held for various reasons like helping the poor and for the reinforcement of the town. In the Netherlands in the 17th century, it was common to arrange lotteries for fundraisings. On 9 January 1449, it was recorded that the first Italian lottery took place. The funds raised were for the war against Venice. Besides this, the lotto became popular on a fast paste in Genoa. This lottery history records that the people made bets on the name of Great Council members.
  • More Modern Lottery History: In 1569 a first state lottery took place, this was arranged by Queen Elizabeth the first, the prizes on offer were household items like dinner sets, fabrics and don’t forget the cash! After this, the English government sold the rights of the selling of lottery tickets to brokers. And after 1826, parliament approved state lotteries. This introduced several lottery games available.

The National Lottery

Lotteries are all over the world. It is one of the easiest forms of gambling available today. National lottery comes in all forms, shapes and size like the following Dailies, Lotto, Little Lotto, Powerball, Raffles and Scratch Instant Games.

  • Dailies: For those who love to play the national lottery, in some countries you can play up to 2 times a day. This is called Dailies.
  • Lotto: Most important to remember, the lotto remains the lotto, no matter the game. With normal lotto, you must choose 6 random numbers between zero and 47. These numbers must be marked on your entry card or ticket. The numbers are presented on colourful balls in a machine, and on the day of the draw, the machine will randomly choose the 6 numbers. For those who did not know, in some national lottery winnings, you still stand a chance to win, even if you have less than 6 correct, for instance, 5 or 4. If nobody wins the jackpot, don’t worry, the money just rolls over to the next draw, making the jackpot even larger.
  • Little Lotto’s: With Little Lotto, you have better odds and the little lotto is played more often than the normal lotto. Although the technique is very similar to normal lotto. The balls counts are usually lower, which means your odds could be 5:36 or less.
  • Multi-State Lotto Games: Small population states will come together to combine their games to create a larger jackpot.
  • Powerball: The Powerball started getting popular since 1992. With Powerball, your odds are much greater for winning than with the customary lotto, only downsize to the Powerball compared to normal lotto, the tickets are a little more expensive. With Powerball, you win the jackpot when you match 5 white balls and 1 red one. The draw takes place twice a week and the balls are in a drum. The red balls are kept in a separate drum.
  • Raffles: Raffles are normally classified as a bonus game as it runs together with the main Lotto. There is a difference in the way you play raffle compare to the classic lottery. With normal lotto, you can choose your own numbers, but with a Raffle, your numbers are selected for you. When you go the raffle route you get codes printed on your card or ticket, and if your code matches the selected code for the day, you are the winner.
  • Scratch Instant Games: Scratch Instant Games are scratch cards which is a quick and easy online lottery called “Scratch Cards”. This fun and popular way of lottery game which is available all over the internet, have between small and large winnings, just depends on where you are playing. Prize winnings are instant when you are successful, all you need to do is scratch, odds are normally 1:3 or 1:6.
  • Quick Picks: Almost like raffles, the numbers are selected for you with a computer-generated random number program. When buying your ticket, you simply ask for a quick pick and the system generates your ticket with selected numbers for you.

Online Lottery

Back in the day, before we got spoiled with a thing called the internet, players had to go and purchase lottery tickets from selected retailers. Standing in a queue, waiting your turn to select your numbers for the weekly lotto draw, after picking go through the paying process. If this was not painful enough, players had to sit in front of the television for the weekly draw, and if you miss it, you missed it!

Playing online lottery is quite different, the game selection for the online lottery is considerably larger than the offline lottery.

  • Availability: One of the major differences in an offline and online lottery is the purchase of the tickets, offline you must go to an official retailer of lottery tickets. Online you can literally go to any site that offers lottery tickets and purchase tickets from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Notifications and Security: Security also plays an important part when it comes to online lottery compare to an offline lottery. Buying a ticket from a retailer you stand a chance to lose the ticket, should someone else find the ticket and your numbers happen to win, you have no proof to show that, that was your ticket. Not only can you lose your precious lottery ticket, but a lot of players forget to check the winning numbers, and so lose out on what could have been great results. When purchasing an online lottery ticket, you must register with an official online lottery provider, with this being said, all your transactions will be online and recorded. This allows for receiving notifications via e-mail or mobile. Most of the online registrations allow for winnings to transfer directly into your bank account. In other words, you will win and receive the winnings without having to miss any of the excitement.

The UK Lottery

Camelot, an independent consortium, started the UK National Lottery in 1994. Camelot operates the hardware, software, as well as the knowledge that goes into the sale of lottery tickets, and they also make the official winning payments.

Since 1994 Camelot continues to hold the UK National Lottery License. And alongside this, Camelot made huge changes from an increase in the amount donated to charity, prices, prizes and the number ranges.

There are 59 balls and players must select 6 of the numbers between 1 and 59. Draws take place twice a week.

Other lotteries normally don’t have Rollover caps, but the UK lottery is only allowed to roll over 5 times. On some occasions, the UK lottery organizers will arrange a UK Lotto Superdraw. This normally happens when the jackpot is set to a certain amount, the amount usually ends up being £10 million.

An interesting fact, the biggest UK lottery jackpot ever recorded was £42 million in 1996. This record was recently broken after a player won £66 million in 2016.

Not only does the UK lottery offers players a chance to win great cash prizes, but they also fund good causes and contribute to charitable projects across Britain. The UK lottery contributed to the London 2012 Olympics as well as the Paralympic Games.

UK Lottery Winnings

A new form of winning in the UK lottery called the off-track betting system for paying the jackpot. How this works, your winnings depend on the number of tickets you have purchased.

As mentioned before, the UK Lottery jackpot rolls over 5 times, thereafter, the sixth draw, if not one big winner, the jackpot will then be shared by all cash winners. The payouts are based on a specific percentage.

Other big lottery draws from all over the world compare to the UK lottery, shows that the UK Lottery as generous odds for winnings.

The UK Lottery will be paid to any player who manages to match all six of the main balls and who is in possession of a legal lottery ticket. The player must be of legal age.

The draws for the UK lottery take place every Wednesday and Saturday night at 21h00 BST. And as always, the draw is broadcast live on a British channel called BBC One. Tickets can be purchased only a couple of hours before the draw via certain sites.

The UK Lottery offers 6 divisions when it comes to the prizes an all the cash winnings are tax-free.

Some of the winning numbers to make a regular appearance are as follows:

  • Number 40: Drawn 321 times
  • Number 38: Drawn 318 times
  • Number 23: Drawn 314 times
  • Number 11: Drawn 311 times
  • Number 31: Drawn 310 times

Online Lottery in the UK

The UK National Lottery website offers four primary draws, they are EuroMillions, Lotto, Lotto Hotpicks and Thunder Ball. The scratch card selection from offline lottery compare to online lottery is quite different. The selection online is endless.

Not only can you participate in your own lottery, but also take part in all the lotteries from all over the world, some interesting lotto’s worth mentioning are Italy’s SuperEnalotto, Mega Millions and Spain’s La Primitiva draw.

The online lottery also allows players to join online groups for huge draws overseas. This can give individuals a boost to a better chance at winning.

Another fantastic method presented by the UK National Lottery is the ability to store and replay previous tickets. How it works, the system allows you to save your previous tickets, this allows players to replay old numbers and not only that, you can set lottery plays for several consecutive weeks, and all this being made possible by Direct Debit. So, if you know you are going to be busy for the next couple of weeks, just set your fixed weeks and carry on with life.

Online lottery differs from online casinos and is a great aspect of gaming in the UK. If you would like to learn more about online casinos or sports betting, then please feel free to look through our site for more information.

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