Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot


Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot is a mini jackpot game brought to you by the dependable NetEnt. NetEnt has gained a name for producing online entertainment like no other.

Though Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot might not live up to that high graphic, superb sound quality you might be used to from NetEnt games but winning on this game is definitely not mini!

Winning opportunities with this game will surprise, as players are required to break out of a bank with large sums of cash. This small and unimposing game provides classic bar symbols mostly found with fruit machines, police cars and vault exploding dynamite.

With cash robbery comes police sirens which you will hear as background sounds when playing Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot.

How to play Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot

Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot is a simple game and also sticks to simple playing formats. Every online player will find it to be instinctive to understand, leaving you with the job of focusing on making lots of money! Making money does not get simpler than Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot, all you have to do is select the bet button until you reach your desired bet level.

Once you have reached that level, select the spin button. You are also given a Max Bet button, and what this does is allow you to play the highest bet straight away. Are you a high roller? Hit the Max bet button and prepare to win!

The final button includes a ‘Paytable’, selecting this button lets the player see information about the games proceedings as the screen quickly swaps back into the main screen.

Features and symbols of Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot

Vault Assault Progressive Jackpot features a progressive jackpot, meaning cash is also accumulating every time a player in the casino plays a spin. With every spin, a percentage of that amount gets added into the jackpot, until, of course, you win the jackpot!

Keeping tabs on the progressive jackpot is made easy due to the little notice board located above the screen. Take this jackpot home by landing three of the vault symbols on the payline and bet the maximum amount of 3 coins for a larger prize!

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