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One of the best parts of gaming is the chance to win huge sums of money and there is one way you can do this via Online Progressive Jackpots., take a look at this page at Wisegambler.

Play the Best Progressive Jackpots at Top Online Casinos

Every gamer wants to win big which we can all agree is one of the main objectives of most gamers after all! Progressive Jackpots give the player just that, the prospect to win BIG sums of money while enjoying the spoils of Online Casinos over the hustles of crampy overpopulated land-based casinos. Progressive Jackpots are obviously not shorting on mega jackpots depending on the type of game the player wants to play!


Choose your favourite progressive jackpot. One of the best parts of gaming is the chance to win huge sums of money and there is one way you can do this via Progressive Jackpots. Online Casinos are certainly not short on jackpots to offer their players.

There are obviously certain jackpot games that offer a chance to win more. It just depends on what game you would like to play and what jackpot you would like to try to win. Gone are the days where progressive jackpots are great in land-based casinos because we believe Online Casinos offer jackpots that can be even greater.

What are Progressive Jackpots?

Just to refresh your memory as to what to expect from Progressive Jackpots and how Progressive Jackpots work, let us take some time to run you through the ins and outs of these highly rewarding games!

For those unsure about Progressive Jackpots, we thought we would take the time to explain to you a little bit about them. In easy terms, a Progressive Jackpot is a slot game that’s hosted with a certain software, money starts accumulating in the jackpot and no matter what online casino you play at the money will be constantly increasing. At any point in the game, you could stand a chance to win that jackpot.

Online Progressive Jackpots work with a particular slot game from a certain software provider in which the gamer may bet a certain amount of money. Due to the multiple software being engaged, the jackpot is always on the increase, owing to the constant sum of money being accumulated. By now, you should understand the outcome can only mean big money rewards and at any given moment you could walk away with a massive jackpot payout!

Top Progressive Jackpots include Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, Hall of Gods Mega and Mega Wonder.

The Top Online Progressive Jackpots:

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot stands as one of the top highest online payout jackpots to speak of. It was released middle of 2014 as a sequel to the already popular NetEnt jackpot video slot Mega Fortune. It is the updated version of the already great but ageing Mega Fortune video slot. Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot brings you even more excitement without sacrificing on the design and the strong playability of the original game that made it the favourable choice of its time.

Hall of Gods Jackpot

Hall of Gods Jackpot is based on the Nordic theme of Gods that are from the Northern Realms of Europe, aided by the powerfulness of Viking Gods such as Freya, Odin and Loki. The gamer can defeat the evil dragons using weapons such as the black ravens and even the hammer of Thor as the reel symbols. Hall of Gods Jackpot offers a minimal bet of €0.20 per spin with bets on all win lines, a maximum bet of €50 per spin with an average payout percentage of 96.5%.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

No wonder the Mega Moolah game is known as “The Millionaire Maker” (the creator of millionaires) among online casino players! Not only does it provide the LARGEST jackpots online, but it also offers an excellent and enjoyable theme. Beware of the African wild animals that lurk in the savannah, which are cleverly combined with the action of Free Spins, Additional Symbols and Wilds, and the Jackpot bonus game randomly triggered.

Arabian Nights Jackpot

Arabian Nights Jackpot has been the gamers fan favourite jackpot from the moment of its introduction way back in May 2005 and is still proving to be most exciting to date. The game has an appealing theme through the use of Arabian music and graphics to match the theme that is Arabian Nights. With a minimal bet of €5.00 per spin and an average payout percentage of 95.6%, it is no mystery why Arabian Nights Jackpot has remained a fan favourite for a long period of time.

Super Lucky Frog Jackpot

Mystical gardens or enchanted lands, soothing background music and easy on the eye graphics! That is the theme of the utmost attractive game Super Lucky Frog Jackpot which was introduced in 2010 and rapidly elevated to famous reputations of being a vastly enjoyable jackpot game with NetEnt fans. Super Lucky Frog Jackpot is featured in many of the best betting sites known NetEnt casinos presenting a 25 win line slot, 5 separate reels and 3 rows preferred by those acquainted with NetEnt games.

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