Interview with Kalamba Games!

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Interview with Steve Cutler, CEO (ex. GameDesire, Unibet)

When and how did Kalamba games start?

Alex Cohen (Tangelo, Quickspin) and I founded Kalamba in 2016 when we identified a gap in the marketplace for a supplier who could bring the best of a social casino to RMG and combine it with market-leading game design expertise.

Please provide us with a small about section of Kalamba games

Kalamba is an international games studio based in Malta and Krakow, focusing on providing slots to a broad range of operators in the casino space.  Like I say, we really wanted to bring the best social gaming mechanics over and apply them in the real money world, but more than this, we want to entertain our players and provide an experience that they can get nowhere else in real money gambling.

Why play Kalamba games?

Kalamba means ‘the Greatest’, and that’s our goal when we create games.  Given our social gaming background, we want our games to be fun first and foremost, with a range of themes and styles to appeal to a lot of different people.

Tell us more about Kalamba Slots

We’re very keen that our slots are promotion friendly to give players a great experience; and we also include our signature features, HyperBonus, HyperBet and most recently, LuckyLoops to give players a range of choices as to how they want to play.

Can you tell me more about these signature features?

Sure, HyperBonus allows players a direct buy into the bonus game, HyperBet gives the player a choice as to their wild multiplier level up to 5x; and you can also accumulate symbols to play for 4 levels of Bonus Jackpots.  The player can choose themselves which level they want to play for.

The newest is LuckyLoops, which essentially is a short-term game event that players can engage with during play – a kind of ‘countdown’ where players can see their progress.  The implementation is game-specific, so each one is unique.  For example, in Caribbean Anne, Locking Wild multipliers appear in the reels, and every tenth spin is a Wild Spin where players can win big.  What we think is really good is that the feature is persistent, so a player can return later and pick straight up from where they left off.

Potentially, the range of features is unlimited, and this choice will expand to give our developers a wide range of building blocks for our slots in the future.

Is mobile a priority for Kalamba?

Absolutely, we develop for mobile-first now, so all of our games have portrait modes and a slick, modern interface ready for mobile devices.

What makes Kalamba ahead of the game when it comes to Technology and Innovation?

We think we’re locking in on a great approach to both game design to get market-leading content but we’re also seeking to innovate with our internal processes.  Obviously, we’re a young company so we haven’t perfected everything yet but we’re well on the way there.

Wisegambler and Kalamba Games

Wisegambler likes to know they team up with top providers when it comes to casinos, games and more, and that is why we decided to team up with Kalamba. they began their journey only a few years ago and are proving to be one of the top providers out there. Their skills include important aspects when it comes to games such as:

  • Having strong knowledge of language and culture pertaining to their games
  • Developers of all kinds to ensure the games are perfect from start to finish
  • they have the best team when it comes to quality assurance to ensure the games are of the best standard
  • Game designers and top technical writers to ensure all detail is complete

Games at Kalamba with Wisegambler

We love the games at Kalamba, especially because they have a wide variety of games to choose from depending on the player. What games can you get? Some cool titles include:

  • Burning Diamonds: This is a 5 reel game that offers 40 paylines and an RTP that ranges from 93.4 – 97.21%. you can make use of all the cool features mentioned in the interview in this game!
  • Midas Treasure: Also a 5 reel and 40 payline game. This is a 9/10 when it comes to volatility and offers up to 96.95% Return to player. It’s time to take part in this magical adventure!
  • Doctor Electro: This mega game comes with 5 reels and either 4 rows or 7 rows. There are up to 16807 pay lines and a chance to win up to 2000x your bet! This game offers column expansion and the Hyperspins feature!
  • Mermaids Galore: Something for the ladies, or gents too! With a reel set up that is 5-4-3-4-5 and up to 1200 pay ways, this cool game offers 2667 x your bet. Enjoy a magical under water experience!
  • Age of Ice Dragons: this game offers 3-4-3-4-3 reels and 40 paylines. The RTP here is up to 96.76% and it has a volatility score of 7/10. You can also win up to 2000x your bet! We love it!

The above are only 5 of the cool magical games you can find at Kalamba! There are so many more magical games you can enjoy! We honestly love the experience Kalamba offers and knows all of our players will too!

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