How to use bonus filters

How to use bonus filters

How to use bonus filters

Both new and experienced players are eager to get the most out of their bonus experience. There are so many different ones at so many different sites that it becomes hard to filter out which ones have the best bonuses. How do we maximize the bonus potential when we play? Casinobee for example has a bonus filtering service that, with the use of many filtering options, can give you a ranked list of the best bonuses  This allows you to easily and quickly sort out which casino offers the best option for you as a new or experienced casino gamer. How to use bonus filters on and other casino sites?

What filtering options are there?

Top rating

There is a tab available that shows you the best-ranked casinos on the site. This is a general recommendation from the site, based on their algorithm. In the filtering list to the left on the site, you can add your own tweaks to the ranked list, based on some preferences. You can sort out what type of casino you want to play in, and this filters out any casinos that are uninteresting to you. This way you can get the ranking on the best slot machine casino if that is what you are looking for.

Underneath the casino filtering options, you will find a slide bar that adjusts the values for bonus amount and bonus percentage. This can be of importance for the player based on the size of the deposit that is made. If the percentage of the deposit exceeds the fixed amount given as a bonus, naturally it would be a better choice. For the slot machine champion, there is also a slide bar for the number of free spins.

Underneath these two, three different filters allow you to choose the payment method, licence and launch year you prefer. This can be of interest for those who only have a few transaction options, want the highest security possible or the newest technology available in their casino.

Other tab options

Next to the top-rated tab, you can also find five more tabs. These are tabs that are adjusted by best bonus, best percentage, best free spins, popular casinos and recently added. Best bonus will give you a ranking for the best bonus amount given. It can be by welcome bonus, weekly bonuses or campaigns. The same goes for the bonus percentage, which is perhaps the most attractive one for players that deposit larger amounts of money. Best free spins is for the slot machine lover, who wants to extend the thrill for as long as possible. Popular casinos and recently added will give you the ranking of the casinos that have the best reviews from customers or the latest launch year. These casinos might be the best ones when it comes to the most innovative gaming solutions.


All in all, Casinobee offers a really good filtering service for any casino player. The ample filtering choices can give the user as specific a search as possible. Some players may want to play at different casinos based on the flavour of the day. Casinobee is a great tool to pinpoint maximum gain for every one of those flavours.

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