Joker Wild Double Up

Joker Wild Double Up

Brought to you by Net entertainment, Joker Wild Double Up is one of the most outstanding poker games on the market, mainly because this is poker with a twist.

This offers gaming uniqueness and style that players will be instantly attracted too. Truly like no other, this game has the appearances and impression of a computer game over the dated traditional video poker game.

Joker Wild Double Up offers the player great odds since you still are given the chance to hit a grand jackpot and more likely so to achieve such on this video poker game.

How to play Joker Wild Double Up

Players familiar with poker will quickly grasp the principals of playing online video poker. Primarily the 5 cards are dealt in which the gamer can decide which ones on the screen to keep by tapping on the picture selecting the feature.

Features of Joker Wild Double Up

Joker Wild Double Up is a single player video poker game featuring the regular poker hands with the exception the joker card which is a wild card instead. This means that it is counted as the most favourable card and can be used for a winning hand. This is a 53 card deck game, meaning the joker card makes 53 over the regular 52 card deck.

This video poker game features a Double Up Gamble Feature. This feature providers the player a shot at doubling his or her winnings by guessing the colour of the next card. Should the guess be correct, the player will receive double pay.

By guessing correctly will give raise to the option to guess again on a new card but the player can also opt to collect what they have won and return to the main game.

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