All American Double Up

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All American Double Up: Presenting another innovative online video poker game through to the online gaming community by the market leading Net Entertainment.

NetEnt brings you All American Double Up, a singer player game featuring all the classic characteristics of a casino game such as fast gameplay and high payouts.

Though classic in feel, this video game offers the look and feel of a new generation computer game rather than a traditional, slow and poor graphic video poker game. This online video poker game offers a completely modernized and upgraded design to capture the online player - As can be expect from leading software platform NetEnt!

How to play All American Double Up Online Video Game

All American Double Up features the conventional poker rules in how hands are dealt and formed, bearing that this game comes in 1, 5, 10 and 25 hand versions. All American Double Up covers the standard poker hands and jacks or better – pairs of Jacks, queens, kings or Aces, as well. To refresh your memory on how to play, assuming this example is a 1 hand playing version:

This game is played with 1 deck of 52 cards shuffled when every new hand is dealt, the player is required to form a poker hand. Poker hands are a fixed sequence or order of cards out of 5 cards dealt. Players can change each dealt card called a draw for another card with the objective of forming the best possible poker hand.

Features of All American Double Up Online Video Game

Hold Feature - This feature allows the player to automatically hold cards that the player feels are part of a winning hand. Pressing the hold button will keep or clear a card in the next deal.

Double Up Gamble Feature – this feature provides the player an opportunity to double his/her winnings by allowing the player a change to guess the correct colour of the following card. Correct selections pay two times more than that of the original amount.

Paytable – this table is displayed above the game hand and is accessible via the i-button showing totals of gameplay card wins.

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