TXS Hold’em Professional Series

Play TXS Hold’em Professional Series

Presenting TXS Hold’em Professional Series from Net Entertainment. This table game promises a world class experience.

It would easily be the front runner for online casino game, featuring all the elements of the traditional poker with the exception that the player competes against the casino dealer to get the best 5 card poker hand. This table game comes in various levels to suit skills of different players, those levels include high, regular and low roller.

How to play TXS Hold’em Professional Series

These instructions should give you a quick insight and hopefully play like a pro in a short time, assuming you will follow the guidelines about to be provided. Firstly, the player must place his/her bet followed by receiving 2 upside down cards from the dealer.

Those cards are called hole cards. The player is responsible for the first move which entails either calling the blind, raising or folding. When raising, the size of the raise should be at least twice the size of the original bet. An additional 3 cards, faced up, are provided after the betting round is completed, referred to as ‘board’.

Everyone will need at least one of the 3 cards, those are known as the community cards. The objective is to create the best hand. At this point players must make a move either to bet or check, raise or fold. A forth card will be served, also faced up called the turn card and another round of betting begins.

Features of TXS Hold’em Professional Series

Similar to the traditional table, TXS Hold’em Professional Series features a dealer’s chip tray, card shoe and discard card holder, a table cloth including the layout, payout information and betting areas, money paddle and the table bit limits.

This table game sucks the player in with realism thanks to high quality sounds and entertaining background music, class leading graphic animations of cards and chips. The audience is as close to real as is expected from any Net entertainment game. In front of the player is the location of colour coded game buttons which highlights guide play and also serves as an encouragement for the bonus round.

 Game speed buttons, account information and chip selections are displayed on the game panel, however on the left of the game menu the player will find the audio, game rules and game setting buttons.


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