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Did you know, before Casino Hold’Em Poker became a standalone game in Casinos it was first created as a practice game for Texas Hold’Em! Casino Hold’Em holds some similarity to the old favourite Texas Hold’Em, with a little twist in the tail.

This variation of the table game pits the online player against the house! These odds could increase a player’s chances of winning. Net Entertainment brings you Casino Hold’Em Poker in the best possible version the industry has to offer. High quality graphics make for crisp looking animations displaying state of the art cards and chips.

Additionally, NetEnt has worked on realistic sound effects and background music giving this table game some serious depth. NetEnt has turned what was already the most popular poker game into an even better proposition!

How to play Casino Hold’Em Poker

This game is played with a standard 52 card deck, pitting players against the house. The objective of the game is to build a 5 card poker hand that is higher in comparison to that of the dealer. The player is given 2 cards over the 5 community cards to create a hand.

The player must make an ante wager for the game to begin. Once the wager is made, the dealer and player receive two face down cards known as hole cards. 3 community cards which can be used by the dealer and player alike are dealt upside down. They can be used to create a final hand by either participants.

The player must know chance to hold or call, meaning to forfeit their cards (fold) or add money into the pot (call). At this stage the dealer adds 2 more face-up community cards to the table, totaling 5 visible community cards. The next step is for the dealer to reveal their hole cards to the player. The results of each hand will determine the win!

Features of Casino Hold’Em Poker

Casino Hold’Em Poker shares a similar concept to Texas Hold’em Poker, on the other hand this table game gives the player the prospect to play against the casino.

The elements of this table game also remains notable to that of the traditional table games including the dealer’s chip tray, discard card holder, money paddle, card shoe, an informative table cloth featuring the payout details, layout and betting areas, money paddle and the table bet limits.

Casino Hold’Em Poker also features an AA bonus which pays the player after the first 3 community cards are dealt if they have a pair of aces or higher.

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