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Online Poker is a massive reason for the rise of poker players across the globe. For novices we know that Poker in a land based casino can be a very daunting around experts, it can be very costly and pressure from other players can be tough too.

Playing online makes life so much easier, whether you are a novice or expert, you can relax in the comfort of your home, it’s more affordable online because you can play with lower stakes, where as in land based stakes are high due to the high cost of running private Poker rooms. NetEnt offers 5 different Online Poker variants for their players. Play Poker Online today!


NetEnt Online Poker Variants

There are 5 different Online Poker Games that NetEnt provide and each one of them offers unique gameplay and features, each game allows you to view your game history as well. We would like to let you know a little bit more detail on each variant:

  • Caribbean Stud Poker: A one handed game that links to a progressive jackpot which you can choose to play by placing a chip on the progressive field, effects include sounds, music and speed of the game.
  • Casino Hold’Em: Similar to Texas Hold’Em which also allows you to bet on the AA bonus which offers more winning possibility. This version does not include the jokers and settings you can change include sound effects and fast play. One of the favourite Poker Games Online!
  • Oasis Poker: In this version of Poker you can swap cards you don’t want, however this does come at a cost, if you do want to swap just simply click on the card/s you want to swap. The other benefit of this version is that the dealer cannot qualify if he does not have a King/Higher and an Ace. Changeable settings include sound, music and speed of the game.

Other versions of Poker

  • Texas Holdem Poker Online: While similar to Casino Hold’Em there are important aspects to this game that differ. In this versions there are 4 betting options, namely Ante, Call Flop, Bet Turn and Bet River. Begin the game by choosing your ante followed by deciding to call or fold, if you call you can opt for the bet turn or bet river.
  • Trey Poker: One of the only Poker Online Games which allows you to play two games in one. In this version you get 3 cards not 5, you can bet on Pair-up and standard Ante play. Settings to change include background music, sounds and game speed.

Land Based Poker vs Poker Online

There are great reasons why playing online is the better option. Let’s take a look at the major differences between land based/in person poker and Online Poker:

No delays, automatic shuffle and dealing, no waiting for players to make choices

Land Based Poker Online Poker
Sitting with a large group of players Sitting in the comfort of your own home
Game speed can be a hassle due to the time it takes to shuffle, deal, etc.
Pricey betting amounts Cheap betting options from as little as €1
Having to buy food and drinks No need to buy food, just eat what is in your fridge
Better for more experienced players Great for beginners, intermediate and expert

A Little Bit Of History of Poker

Dated as early as 1829, Poker started as a 20 card game that then advanced to a 52 card deck. Followed by different variants such as stud poker, lowball and wild card. In the late 1900’s tournaments began with World Series Poker being a favourite.

Since then strategy books have been created and the game is found in films around the world. Like previously mentioned the development of Online Poker has made a massive movement for Poker players. The International Federation of Poker began in Switzerland in order to govern the game.

Play Poker Online

Whether you want to play Free Poker Online or Online Poker for Real Money, there are guaranteed some great Online Poker Sites to make you happy! At NetEntBigWins there are some of the Best Online Poker Sites right here.

Many poker focused casinos also offer Online Poker Tournaments that can keep you winning for hours on end! we know many of you out there have an Online Poker Strategy, however there are those that are knew to the game and that is why you can play Online Poker and learn how it work. A great way to also learn how to play Online Poker is by playing Free Online Poker Games with Fake Money to test out the games and how they work!

You can also learn about Online Poker Tips and guides at many online casinos. Overall, Online Poker is a great game for both newbies and professionals.

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