Triple Wins Star

Play Triple Wins Star Scratch Card

Triple Wins Star Scratch Card lets the player pick one of the 10 displayed tickets and you can also select an additional 10 new tickets. Selecting the multiplier option gives players the opportunity to make even higher earnings.

Every now and then you need a simple game; less thinking involved without taking away from mega winning experiences. Net Entertainment has designed just that; a simple game to entertain the socks off you. You don’t need the best graphics or the crispest of sound cards to have a great experience and pocket filling rewards, introducing Triple Wins Star Scratch Card.

How to play Triple Wins Star Scratch Card

Triple Wins Star Scratch Card isn’t a game that requires the hardship of flying a spaceship to Mars or something out of ‘Star Trek’ containing a million and one buttons to control.

But instead, an appealing, easy to manage system appeals to this scratch card game. Firstly, you buy a ticket; you will see a scratch card on the left, and 10 scratch cards on your right which you will be selecting from. Notice that the ticket chosen will be relocated to the left side of the screen, proceeded by you selecting an object to scratch open the ticket, achieved by clicking the Scratch Tools.

You can open all boxes (which will all open at the same time) automatically by clicking Scratch All, or be adventurous by manually scratching open all 9 boxes. The X at the bottom of your scratch card will reveal your multiplier.

The final phase is the pocket filling phase, where the player receives his/her profits circled on the ticket and added into the player’s credit.

Features of Triple Wins Star Scratch Card

As a non-rocket ship/spaceship game, it would be acceptable to assume Triple Wins Star Scratch Card contains only minimal features. This scratch card game contains some respectable features that increase gaming pleasure, as minimal as they might be.

At the bottom left of the screen you will find a wrench and by selecting this icon you will open a screen that allows you to make three choices;

  • Sound – you can opt to turn ‘sound effects’ on or off using this icon. You also get a speaker option which lets you turn the game’s sound on or off.
  • Fast play – this lets you speed up the game
  • History – this feature lets you review your playing experience
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