Tribble Knockout Scratch Card

Play Tribble Knockout Scratch Card

Tribble Knockout Scratch Card is a simple game brought to you by NetEnt, a software popular for producing the most loved and entertaining online games in the gambling industry. NetEnt games are favoured by the masses for their great playability, high payout, state of the art graphics and realistic sound effects.

Though Tribble Knockout Scratch Card might not fit the category of leading graphics and sounds, it makes up by its potential for serious winnings and prizes. Plus, the multiplier makes this scratches even more exciting.

How to play Tribble Knockout Scratch Card

As can be expected from a NetEnt game, Tribble Knockout Scratch Card does offer smooth gameplay and easy control. To get started with the game, you firstly have to buy a ticket by selecting the BUY TICKET button. The player is given a demo game which serves the purpose of familiarizing the player with game proceedings.

Selecting the Buy ticket lets you play for real money, and when you are ready to start you may select a Scratch Tool of your choice according to what’s available. The Scratch Tools are located at the bottom of the screen. In boxes are the prizes, by selecting the Scratch All – you can reveal all the boxes automatically or select them individually to see what you have won.

As mentioned above, Tribble Knockout Scratch Card offers an extra; the Multiplier. You can win up to 10 times your profit from the multiplier when you scratch open the X.

Features of Tribble Knockout Scratch Card

However simple Tribble Knockout Scratch Card might be, there are some basic features to help the player customize the game to their preferences. These basic features include a speaker icon and question mark.

The speaker icon located on the bottom left of the screen will turn the sound on or off. While on the right side of the screen is the question mark. This button activates the following options;

  • Games rules – this option grants the player access to game play rules
  • Game history – lets the player view game history of previous rounds
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