Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card

Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card

Introducing Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card. Who doesn’t enjoy searching for hidden objects by means of great investigative skills? Treasure hunting shouldn’t just be something children do. Do not believe for a second that you are too old to have this kind of fun!

NetEnt has created a game to bring out that inner child that you so often hide away. Let the fun times begin, as the player ventures through a deserted island in search of treasures beyond belief! Apart from treasures, Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card features an extra bonus which you will soon discover.

How to play Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card

They are some essential ‘need to knows’ that the player must understand before we can step into this adventurous scratch card game. For starters, Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card is in a form of a treasure map which is divided in 28 regions containing a treasure chest or a skull. In order to win the main prize, the players target is to find the 6 treasure chests from a total of 6 turns.

Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card also allows the player to customize the level by using the Bet Button, adjustable for every new game ranging from 10 cents to 10 Euro bets. Once you have clicked ‘Buy game’ the game will start and you may hand pick 6 regions of your choice or click ‘Auto Pick’ in which regions are randomly selected for you. Once selected, a skull or treasure chest will appear.

In addition to the main game, Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card offers a Bonus game that begins when you have collected some bonus items. 6 skulls per round gets you a bonus item! Collect 3 bonus items for the bonus game to start! All you really need to know is that bonus games are very profitable!

Settings and features of Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card

Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card lets the player customize the game by making some features adjustable. The speaker icon lets the player switch the sound settings ‘on or off’, while the question mark button located at the bottom of the screen features two options:

  1. Game rules – If the player requires more information about Treasure Hunt Online Scratch Card, he/she may use this button to gather more information
  2. Game history – Features information based on results of previous rounds you have played


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