Max Win

Max Win Scratch Card

Max Win Scratch Card is a game created by Net entertainment, a software that never fails to deliver gaming entertainment for players of all types. Although they are known for creating games that feature the latest specs in graphic design and sound, Max Win Scratch Card does not seat in that category.

This scratch card game is just simple and easy to enjoy. This is a scratch and win type of game, therefore expect to win from the moment your journey begins with Max Win Scratch Card. You will be given 9 shields which you will have to break to collect a fine profit.

How to play Max Win Scratch Card

Getting into the flow of Max Win Scratch Card is initiative and strange forward.  Firstly, you have to click the Buy Card button which done starts the game. Once you have started the can, then you must select and object that you will use to smash the shields.

The smash/break button is located next to the Buy Card button. As briefly touch upon, the player is given 9 shields instead of 9 boxes. Obviously you goal is to win, and how you achieve that goal is by breaking three shields that must have equal amounts or characters.

Winning is easy, as easy as smashing three 3 cards of equal amounts in one round. Select the strike button to open all 9 shields and also to discover immediately if you have won.

Features of Max Win Scratch Card

Max Win Scratch Card is simple fun therefore you won’t find to make features, but that doesn’t mean this scratch card game doesn’t have any. What players are given are basic settings that allow to for simple customization.

The game settings can be found located on the main screen by selection the question mark located at the bottom of the screen. This button will open the menu where you can choose the follow options;

  • Game rules – this button contains the rules of the game
  • Game history – this feature lets you view the result from previous rounds

You will also find a speaker button, this button increases and decrease the volume of the game or you can turn the sound on/off.

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