Marbles Online Scratch Card

Play Marbles Online Scratch Card

Marbles Online Scratch Card is no average card game, this game is mysterious at best and takes the player out of his/her comfortable little zone into limitless magical and wizardry experiences!

Marbles Online Scratch Card combines imagination of being out of this world with the realism of using your new found powers to make real money and instant wins. This game takes the meaning ‘Scratch and Win!’ to new-heights as the Marbles scratch cards are all about the Golden Marbles that will gift you some serious returns, as you experience a very fun gameplay.

How to play Marbles Online Scratch Card

Wizardry and magic sounds like all fun and games but is worth nothing if the player is not achieving the object of this game which is creating serious returns. Marbles Online Scratch Card has a tutorial to assist the player meet this very possible object of making big profits.

This isn’t the typical 9 boxes to scratch game that you might be familiar with but instead Marbles has 8 marbles and of those 8 marbles the player can select 6 out of the 8. Winning is as simple as receiving golden marbles but beware of the black marble as it has no value and therefore gives you nothing.

The game begins once you have selected the Buy game button in which the player may select several coloured pointers by pressing the button with the pointer and proceed by selecting 6 marbles with the pointer. Marbles Online Scratch Card offers an Auto Pick button which randomly selects the 6 marbles should the player not want the responsibility of selecting them on their own accordance.

The number of a golden marble with illuminate on the left side of the screen. On the top left of the screen is the Potential Win button which reveals possible returns should the player assemble three golden marbles. Winning potentials are up to an incredible 50 000 Euros. More information regarding payouts can be found when selecting the Paytable button.

Features of Marbles Online Scratch Card

Marbles Online Scratch Card has some rather informative features. This scratch card game has a reasonable number of adjustable settings. At the bottom middle of the screen for example is a question mark which gives the player to options to choose from; Game rules or Game History.

Obviously selecting the Game History button gives the player a recollection of game proceedings, while selecting the Game rules offers guidance regarding the in’s and out of this game.

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