Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card

Play The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card

Online players with a fascination for historic events will enjoy The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card. This scratch card game has been introduced to the online gaming audience by NetEnt with the expected high standards from this online entertainment provider.

Exquisite graphics bring life to ancient Mayan pyramids showcasing architectural details of the old world. These pyramids were considered as temples used to bury V.I.P.s of their era, they were Kings and priests.

However, The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card will bury you in large sums of cash. You can bury yourself in winnings of up to 100 000 Euros when you play this exciting game, the more gold bars you attain the more profits you receive!

How to play The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card

As mentioned briefly, The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card has monumental winning opportunities awaiting the player. Though not hard to attain, there will not be a giveaway without the player obtaining game skills and knowledge.

We have created some guidelines; they are designed to help the player catch the drift of the play proceedings. For starters, this is not your average scratch game in which you buy for a fixed price but instead the player has the choice to select from multiple bets. Your profit margin is in relation to your bet, meaning the more you bet the bigger the outcome.

Your objective as the player of The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card is to find gold bars in a pyramid constructed of 36 blocks of which 7 of the blocks are gold bars. You are given 7 block turn overs per game, which you will be glad to know that winnings start at only 2 gold bars and increase the more you collect bars.

Once you have decided to start, select the Bet button located at the bottom of the screen, this allows you first pick. Then proceed by clicking the Buy Game option followed by a selection of your own choice of blocks to turn over. The computer can also make a selection for you should you select the Auto Pick button. You can cancel this feature by manually clicking the blocks with your mouse.

Featured settings of The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card

The Lost Pyramid Online Scratch Card offers some adjustability for the player. At the bottom of the screen are some icons, one of the icons is a question mark responsible for opening the help menu covering the game rules.

This icon also stores the game history, though a feature not awarded in practice mode. Sound settings are also adjustable but limited to on and off when you click the speaker question mark.

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