Bubbles Online Scratch Card

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We would like to introduce to you Bubbles Online Scratch Card, light at heart but big on rewards. Every now and then, Net entertainment brings the online gaming community some fun, cheerful and light hearted games.

This cheerful game to be honest will have you feeling all heartfelt and most probably take you into an imaginary bubble world where you can just rest your mind while rewards fill your pockets.

Bubbles Online Scratch Card involves lots of beautiful bubble colours floating about and a landscape surrounded by blue skies which is calming and relaxing. Go on and pop the bubbles!

How to play Bubbles Online Scratch Card

This bubble popping scratch card game is not hard to learn; in fact, it is rather simple once you get the hang of it. Bubbles Online Scratch Card is slightly different from the normal scratch card, firstly you are required to buy a new ticket by selecting the BUY GAME which then allows you to choose the colour of your pushpin.

After selecting the Pushpin Button, you are given a total of 8 bubbles on your screen of which 6 of them you may start popping. Winning is just as simple as popping, all you need to do is find 3 golden coins in the 6 colourful bubbles.

Clicking the Potential Win button reveals the potential winning amount of your bubbles that will be popped. Bear in mind anything less than 3 golden coins has no reward! You may also let the computer randomly pop 6 bubbles for you, done by pressing the Auto Pick button.

Features of Bubbles Online Scratch Card

Bubbles Online Scratch Card offers basic, but rather useful adjustments should the player need to customer his/her game. This includes a question mark button at the bottom of the screen that feature the 2 options below:

  • Game rules – this feature provides additional information on the rules of this scratch game
  • Game history – selecting this feature shows the player all the previous results from early games
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