Ace Scratch Card

Play Ace Scratch Card

Ace Scratch Card is a product of Net Entertainment that happens to be light years away in comparison to other scratch card games.

This is most probably one of the most exciting online scratch card games that offer real money wins, anywhere, anytime! Matching these real winning opportunities is the beautiful classic graphic appearance featuring 9 boxes and a multiplier that allows you to increase your profit-making abilities!

How to play Ace Scratch Card

This is not a game that requires superman skills and techniques to play, this a simple enter and enjoy your winnings kind of game. Your objective is simple, get the same amount 3 times.

Let us begin with a simple tutorial to get you started straight away. Start by buying a new card which you can do when you select the Buy Card option. Then select the coin button which offers you a variety of objects, (choose one to select from) that you use to scratch open the scratch card. The object you have selected starts the fun part of scratching all 9 boxes.

All that is left is the anticipation of what comes after you scratch the first card, the second, and the charming third all the way to the 9th! Do we have a match of 3? You are a winner! Ace Scratch Card only takes a couple of seconds to fill your pockets with cash! It’s really that simple!  

Features of Ace Scratch Card

As mentioned previously, Ace Scratch Card is not about complex gaming features or bells and whistles of the finest trimmings. This game takes you straight to the bank ‘so to speak!’ with its enter and win attitude. But this doesn’t mean Ace Scratch Card offers no features, just a few as a matter of fact!

This scratch card game gives the player a few possibilities to view the history of previously played games and keeps track of your profits, achieved by selecting the question mark button which also features the game rules.

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