7 Gold Scratch Card

7 Gold Scratch Card

7 Gold Scratch Card proves how you do not need the fanciest balls and whistles to have a great time and sometimes ‘less is more’.

This scratch card game is all about winning, therefore little time has been spend on state of the art graphics and sound generators. Instead what you find here is simply fun and winning made easy.

NetEnt games are great at entertaining the masses and sometimes entertainment has little to do with fancy designs but playability and winning potential. That is what you get with 7 Gold Scratch Card, a mind blowing 100, 000 euros is possible and up for grabs

How to play 7 Gold Scratch Card

as mention above, this game has an amazing winning potential of up to 100 000 euros, and the beauty is in the simplicity of the play mode of this game. To get start all you have to do is to purchase a ticket by selecting the Buy Card option on the bottom right of your screen.

Next, you select the object that you will use to scratch open the card. Use you mousse to select open the cards or open all the cards in one go by clicking the Scratch All button. Your objective is to get the same amount on 3 cards, achieve that and you w7 Gold Scratch Card

in the amount reflexed on the 3 similar cards. What’s more, if you scratch three ‘7’ cards, you win the amount displayed on the bottom the 7’s.

Features of 7 Gold Scratch Card

We have already established that 7 Gold Scratch Card is not about having the fanciest gaming design in the industry, and with that we can safely assume the same of the features.

This game comes with a number of simple features that allow you to customize some aspects of the game to suit your preference. The customizable features a question mark and speaker button. The question mark button include the following options;

Game rules – this options features the dos and don’ts plus information of this game.

Game history – this options gives you a rerun of you previous scratch card wins

The speaker button lets the player control the volume of the game, to whether increase or decrease. It is also a sound on\off button


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