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Top Scratch Card Games

Scratch Card games have been around for ages, they are small cards made of a thin paper which holds pins/symbols, these symbols are hidden underneath a type of opaque layer and upon scratching the layer you will be shown the hidden symbols. Depending on your scratch card game of choice, winners are revealed in different ways. NetEnt has 16 different styled scratch card games that are bound to excite you the themes range from standard slot games to carnival style. Take a look at what NetEnt Scratch Cards you can choose from.

Online Scratch Card Variations

Like previously mentioned there are 16 different scratch card games you can enjoy, including:

  • 7 Gold Scratch: A typical scratch card game, press the buy card button, choose to scratch individually or click on the scratch all button. You need to find three of the same amount in order to win something. If you hit triple 7’s you will receive €100,000.
  • Bubbles: This game is based on popping bubbles. Click on the Buy Game button and use the pushpin to pop the bubbles. If you find 3 coins you will win an amount
  • Fortuna: Choose your fortune symbol, click Buy Game, scratch individually or click reveal all to see what you have won. Like all other scratch card games, you need to get three of the same amount in order to win.
  • Hall of Fame: Choose a character, shine your torch on the painting you want to turn around. Alternatively, you can click Reveal All. Three or more of the same amounts will offer some winnings.
  • Lucky Double: This is two scratch cards, one with 6 amounts and another with 9 amounts, get three of a kind to win. Choose between demo (if you don’t know how to play the game) and Buy Ticket to scratch and win.

More Online Scratch Card Variations

  • Marbles: Choose 6 out of 8 of the marbles, get three golden marbles and win. Be careful with black marbles as they represent nothing. You can choose auto pick if you don’t want to choose for yourself.
  • Max Win: Smash 9 shields and if you get three equal amounts then you win. You can choose to Strike all or smash them individually.
  • Shoot4Gold: A favourite amongst scratch card players, Shoot4Gold offers 8 ducks, you have to shoot 6 out of the 8 and if you find 3 stars you will win a certain amount.
  • The Lost Pyramid: This game allows you to make multiple bets, you need to find the gold bars in the pyramid of 36 blocks, and if you find all 7 gold bars you win the big prize.
  • Treasure Hunt: Opening up a map with 28 areas/countries where you must choose 6. If you find 6 treasure chests you will win the highest prize and if you find 6 skeletons you will unlock a bonus.
  • Tribble Knockout: Buy your ticket, choose what you want to scratch the card with and scratch the boxes. If you find an X this means you can multiply your amount.
  • Triple Wins, Triple Wins Jackpot and Triple Wins Star Ticket: Choose your own ticket out of ten tickets, buy the ticket and choose if you want to manually scratch or choose the automatic Scratch all option.
  • Zodiac: Choose your Zodiac sign, click Buy Ticket then click the large middle circle followed by the other circles. With two similar symbols you will win and the more of the same symbols you get the higher the multiplier.

History of Scratch Cards

In 1974 the first ever lottery cards were created and in 1987 the first ever scratch-off lottery ticket was made. You can buy Scratch cards in most grocery type stores across the world. Over the years the scratch card concept stayed the same but as of 2010, Online Casinos started implementing online scratch cards into their casinos. Find various types of scratch games across the software providers and some of the games have even added some cool features to make the games a bit more exciting.

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