Pontoon Professional Series

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Introducing Pontoon Professional Series by Net Entertainment. Yet another exciting online game from this popular software platform. The game features crispy clean graphics, a friendly interface and a streamlined design to satisfy the masses.

If you are not familiar with this game, Pontoon Professional Series is an arithmetical game played on a table featuring similar layouts as what you would expect from a blackjack table. Basically speaking, Pontoon is a British variant of Blackjack with same added features to enhance the overall gameplay.

Options include the additional winning possibility of the 5 Card Trick, where both dealer cards face down in which the dealer wins on all ties including Pontoon. A maximum payout of 2:1 is possible and up to 3 hands of simultaneous games to play!

How to play Pontoon Professional Series

Though similar to blackjack, certain elements differ from each other amounting to a unique experience. Take for example the fact that pontoon uses the terminology, Twist and Stick, which would serve to replace the term Hit and Stand of Black Jack.

Most functions have changed, but still work to serve the same options. Other changes you need to know include the following:

  • When a player has 14 or less points you are required to Twist. Pontoon doesn’t allow you to stand on any two cards
  • Pontoon allows the player to hit after a Double as opposed to Blackjack
  • Pro and dealer wins all Ties opposite from blackjack, a tie means a Push
  • Pontoon allows the player to split aces twice and Hit or double after splitting the aces card
  • Players can Stick on a hand greater or equal to 15 but not more than 21.

Features of Pontoon Professional Series

Pontoon Professional Series makes available same handy adjustments which include the following:

Variable game speed options – the player may tailor the speed of card play to match their preference.

Fully adjustable sound settings – this feature gives the player the option to decide whether they wish to hear game sounds and/or tranquil jazz background sound tracks to enhance game play atmosphere

Question mark – this feature stores the game rules which are located under the question mark bottom left of the screen.


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