Lucky Double Lotto Game

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Presenting Lucky Double Lotto Game, the latest in the scratch card series by the highly esteemed NetEnt and rightfully so, as this software platform is recognized internationally for providing access to great online entertainment for the online gaming market.

Additionally, recognized for delivering breath taking sounds, animations and breath taking graphics. Lucky Double Lotto Game is no exception to NetEnt standards of high performing games. This game offers the player big wins on one or both games with a single ticket, hence the name Lucky Double!

The features and playing instructions of Lucky Double Lotto Game

An important saying in life is a lot of knowledge goes a long way and this is especially true on Lucky Double Lotto Game. The opportunity to win awaits you as soon as you are able to understand how to play the game.

With the player in mind, we will go through the basics of this game from start to end. To begin this game, the player first clicks the Buy Ticket function in which the cost of the bought ticket must be deducted from your cash balance.

Once that has been achieved, selecting the Scratch All will reveal all the symbols at once, or select one of three tools with will allow for a manual scratch ticket with the Scratch Tools button.

Holding the mouse key button for a few seconds allows the player to control the scratch tool. Lucky Double Lotto Game will automatically complete scratching a number, row, column and even the whole game should the player stop controlling the scratch tool, this however will depend on how much the player has exposed!

As for winning, a note will appear when numbers on both games have been exposed to include a win on both. Though very unlikely with any NetEnt game, the player is presented with an option to Buy Ticket should there be no victory.


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