Golden Derby Online Horse Race

Play Golden Derby Online Horse Race

Introducing Golden Derby Online Horse Race, a one of a kind online game that offers something different from the usual, whether that be slots or table games. This is a unique horse race which players can place multiple bets for every race.

This game does not skip on quality in terms of graphics. It has beautiful 3 Dimensional graphics that show case details related to the theme of horse racing. NetEnt has brought the online gaming community something that promises to be different, with high quality graphics and performance as can be expected from this class leading software platform.

How to play Golden Derby Online Horse Race

Being a rather unique game, most the controls and rules will be new to online players, therefore measures will be taken to assist the player to navigate through this highly entertaining online prospective.

Golden Derby Online Horse Race allows the player to place multiple bets for every race, there are 8 horses that all have their own colour and jockey, velocity, power and endurance, and a performance track record. The starting screen offers 4 different tabs to select from:

  • Bet –this tabs allows the player to place his/her bets
  • Bet slip – this tabs allows the player to review all bets that have been made. You can remove a bet by selecting the white cross in a red circle, and the Remove ALL at the bottom of the slip allows you to erase all bets.
  • Race form – this tabs gives statistical information about the horses such as the endurance and velocity, power and the last 5 races history of performance
  • History – this feature allows you to recap on betting history and results from previous races.

Game settings and features of Golden Derby Online Horse Race

Golden Derby Online Horse Race allows the player a level of adjustability to suit their preferences. Those adjustments can be found by clicking the wrench icon at the bottom left of the screen. They include an Ambience and Sound effect, Audio, Race Soundtrack, Game history and Tool tips (help) function.

Golden Derby Online Horse Race offers a progressive that grows as players make bets, only to refresh when the amount has been won. The pot has a minimum amount and therefore never starts at zero.

You are given a jackpot number at the beginning of a race which is made visible throughout the race on the right side of the screen. If you predict the right order in which all 8 horses finish, the jackpot is yours for the taking. Predict 6 and receive 10% of the jackpot!

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